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Item #: SCP-1260

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-1260, full containment is impossible. At no point is exploration or testing permitted aboard SCP-1260. The waters around the vessel are to be under constant satellite surveillance. Any vessel attempting to navigate the waters within a 20-km radius of SCP-1260 is to be diverted by Foundation personnel aboard the SCPS Cassandra. Should SCP-2467 come within 50 km of SCP-1260, containment staff are to immediately begin emergency relocation procedures to prevent SCP-1260's assimilation. In the event that contact with SCP-1260 is lost due to a containment breach or emergency relocation, the next ocean in SCP-1260's location cycle is to be monitored until SCP-1260’s GPS beacon reappears. At this time, the Foundation vessel assigned to SCP-1260 in that ocean will immediately be redeployed to allow continued containment. These vessels are the SCPS Cassandra, SCPS Melampus and the SCPS Polyeidos for the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans respectively.

Description: SCP-1260 is an 18th-century 42-gun Royal Navy 5th-rate frigate named the HMS Tiresias, currently adrift in the southern Pacific Ocean. Despite the ship’s age, the vessel appears to be in perfect sailing condition.

Aboard SCP-1260 reside the skeletal remains of the ship’s original 224 crewmen in addition to a total of 64 other individuals. A majority of these remains lie fully intact upon the ship’s gun decks or within SCP-1260’s hold. All clothing and equipment recovered from SCP-1260 continue to function as normal despite age and environmental exposure.

Twenty minutes following any boarding of SCP-1260 a large bank of fog will begin to gather around the ship with a radius of 1 km. This fog fully encloses the ship an additional 15 minutes later at which point all electronic devices aboard issuing a transmission will cease to function.

The fog will dissipate ten minutes after SCP-1260 is fully enveloped. At this point, the subject will have vanished along with anything aboard the ship at the time of encasement. SCP-1260 will reappear in a random site in the next major ocean 2 to 12 weeks later, moving from east to west as it circles the globe. At this time all human life aboard the ship at the time of its disappearance will be among the skeletal remains. To date, there has been no instance of SCP-1260 appearing in the Arctic or Southern Oceans.

Exploration attempts have shown that the ship’s cargo hold has been completely emptied of food and that messages have been carved into a large percentage of the ship’s interior surface area. The captain’s log has been recovered, though no abnormalities were reported in any of the entries. No evidence exists to suggest pages were removed from the log prior to discovery.

Addendum: 1260-01: Exploration Logs:

Addendum: 1260-02: Agent Bell’s Log :

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