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Item #: SCP-1258

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All materials relating to SCP-1258 are held in a locked document cabinet in Site-19, with access restricted to clearance level 4 and above. Any organisms showing any effect of practicing SCP-1258 should be considered an instance of SCP-1258-1 and terminated immediately unless part of an approved experiment. Standard Foundation searches for anomalous animal activity should be cross-referenced with SCP-1258 markers.

Description: SCP-1258 is a martial art of unknown origin. Currently the Foundation has in its possession enough material in varying media to reconstruct several basic forms used to teach beginners, but little information on more advanced forms. SCP-1258-1 is any organism which has the knowledge and capability of practicing SCP-1258 independently.

When SCP-1258 is practiced by human beings, there is no observed anomalous effect. The anomalous effects of SCP-1258 manifest when movements of the style are performed within view of a non-human mammal.1 A mild compulsive effect causes all such animals to cease any non-essential activity and begin watching the performer. After a short period of passive observation, animals will begin attempting to duplicate the movements, to the extent they are able. Due to anatomical differences, some animals are more capable than others of imitating the movements of SCP-1258, but regardless of skill, animals will continue practicing until either they are distracted by a pressing need (the need to eat, imminent danger, etc.) or the human performer stops or leaves their field of view.

If an animal is permitted to observe and mimic SCP-1258 forms for a period of time,2 they will begin to develop human-like characteristics. Generally the process begins at the level of gross anatomy: quadrupedal organisms will develop leg musculature for a bipedal stance, they will develop opposable thumbs on their hands or equivalent structures, and will develop in size and stature to a minimum standing (bipedal) height of approximately 1 meter. (Animals already larger than this will stay the same size, though they will develop other quasi-human features.) Additionally, virtually all animals will develop larger brains, with expansion most often seen in areas relating to language.3 Subjects will continue to practice SCP-1258, even in the absence of an instructor or any materials related to SCP-1258; they may display knowledge of forms and movements which they have not been previously exposed to.4 Continual exposure will cause further expansion and development along these lines, and eventually development of the vocal cords (or equivalent structures), jaw, and esophagus. After enough exposure, subjects will be able to communicate verbally in human languages.5 Subjects' intelligence will increase appreciably as they continue to practice SCP-1258 routines and forms, usually to between 110 and 140 I.Q. as measured by standard Foundation tests. Eventually, test subjects will refuse to cooperate with humans in any capacity and will begin attempting to escape confinement by any means.

For a partial list of animal experiments, refer to Experiment Log 1258.

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