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Artist's Depiction of SCP-1234-J [DATA EXPUNGED]

Item #: SCP-1234-J

Object Class: [REDACTED]

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1234-J is to be contained in a containment chamber. This containment chamber is to contain precautions that will assist in the containment of SCP-1234-J. In the case of a containment breach, personnel are to take necessary actions to contain SCP-1234-J. When personnel must enter SCP-1234-J's containment area, no fewer than a specified number may enter at any time. Personnel wishing to use SCP-1234-J for research purposes require a set clearance level in order to gain access.

Description: SCP-1234-J is an SCP object that displays anomalous properties. Its properties appear to defy commonly understood principles of science; further research is being performed into how it achieves this.

Typically SCP-1234-J interacts with personnel, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED]1

SCP-1234-J may or may not, on occasion, directly or indirectly cause the creation of other anomalous objects. This is unconfirmed.

SCP-1234-J was discovered by personnel following their detection of anomalous activity. A containment force was sent to contain SCP-1234-J. It was then contained.

Addendum 1234-J-1: Anyone who is found abusing SCP-1234-J will be subject to some form of disciplinary action. - ██. ███████

Addendum 1234-J-2: Incident 1234-1:

SCP-1234-J broke containment. Casualties were sustained. It was eventually contained again.

Addendum 1234-J-3: Audio Log 1234-J-1:

██. ███████: Hi.


██. ███████: OK.

Addendum 1234-J-4: Recommendation that SCP-1234-J be upgraded to Keter. - ██. ███████

No. O5-█

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