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D-233454 currently in containment

Item #: SCP-1224-J

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-1224-J are to be contained within standard humanoid cells within Sites that require humanoid testing. Instances of SCP-1224-J are to be fed rations consistent with Document DC-Tau-2016. Testing with instances of SCP-1224-J is to be granted by staff no lower than level 3.


D-25565 after testing with SCP-173

Description: SCP-1224-J is a large body of individuals used in testing commonly referred to as "D-Class". SCP-1224-J instances are labelled as D-[Numerical Designation] for ease of use. Currently SCP-1224-J instances inhabit parts of Western Europe, Eastern England, Northern Ireland, United States, Mexico, Caribbean, New Zealand, Victoria, New South Wales, Pakistan, India, Japan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Bolivia, the Philippines, China, Madagascar, Eurasia, Canada, and Siberia. MTF-ΝΕΣ ("Lightgun") are responsible for capturing and bringing in instances of SCP-1224-J.

SCP-1224-J was determined to be anomalous due to the sheer number of instances which possess, among other things, a temperament which is conducive to holding for long periods of time, and testing of potentially dangerous objects. Due to the readily available number, instances of SCP-1224-J are to be used to conduct experiments which are deemed too dangerous for research staff, and are considered expendable.

Ethical concerns with using SCP-1224-J for duck testing have been raised, and been deemed acceptable by the Ethics Committee, with the exception of Dr. [REDACTED]. Dr [REDACTED]'s concerns were considered negligible due to the importance of SCP-1224-J in testing various objects.


SCP-1224-J monthly termination (pictured D-2241822)

In addition to testing with SCP-1224-J, at the end of each month, instances of SCP-1224-J are to be terminated in order to prevent rioting, potential security breaches, and additional shankings. (See Incident Log Q-Utah-Alpha-Charlie-Kilo)

This termination is to be carried out under the supervision of Dr. Crowe.

Additional issues were raised by Dr. [REDACTED] as to the ethical rationale for termination of SCP-1224-J instances.

Dr. Crowe's Note
Ladies and Gentlemen. While I understand the difficulties of the Ethics Committee, I want you to recognize that this is for the future of all mankind. We need to be realists here. We need ducks to be tested on. We need them in large quantities. SCP-1224-J are neccessary. Therefore, I overrule Dr [REDACTED]'s concern that we're treating these people inhumanely. This is correct. They are ducks.

O5-7's Note
While I completely understand, and even sympathize with Dr [REDACTED], I think her tenure on the Ethics Committee must come to a close. Personal crusades are a noble thing, but SCP-1224-J are the reason that we can contain objects to this day. I feel nothing but gratitude for their years of service, but, due to the nature of their objections, and obvious ties to D-[REDACTED], must recommend their termination at this time.

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