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Item #: SCP-1224

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All acquired instances of SCP-1224 must be contained in separate blast chambers in the Hazardous Materials Wing of Site 37, with the exception of any acquired instruction booklets, which are to be scanned into the onsite secure database and subsequently destroyed.

Description: SCP-1224 is a set of 17 instances of "Dr. Wondertainment's Super Science™ Li'l Chemist Kit™!". All kits are contained in metal boxes measuring 35.5 cm x 65 cm x 25.25 cm. The boxes are composed of a metallic alloy containing lead, aluminum and iron. The hinged lid of each kit is fully covered with a unique photographic sticker displaying an ethnically diverse group of 2-4 children playing with the contents of the kit. In the lower right corner of each sticker is the following warning label:

Dr. Wondertainment's Super Science Sets™! are intended for children ages 7-12. Any experiments using Dr. Wondertainment's Super Science Sets™! should be performed only with adult supervision. All instructions should be followed exactly for best results.

SCP-1224 kits each contain a test tube rack composed of the same alloy as the box; 5 test tubes and an Erlenmeyer flask, all made of borosilicate glass; a small heating element; a borosilicate glass stirring rod; a glass and rubber pipette; 50 brown, opaque glass bottles with paper labels; and an instruction booklet. The bottles contain a wide variety of chemical compounds, including hydrofluoric acid, sodium hydroxide, colloidal silver, liquid mercury (labeled "Quicksilver"), small granules of uranium yellowcake, and several unknown compounds labeled "Super Reagent!", "Super Catalyst!" and "Super Accelerator!".

SCP-1224 instruction booklets are 62 pages long and consist of 1- or 2-page instructions on how to conduct different experiments or create different substances or products. These range from simple compounds such as oobleck and vinegar-and-baking soda mixtures to more complex and unusual products such as "smoke bomb" pellets capable of producing approximately 1 km³ of non-toxic purple smoke, "glow in the dark" paint capable of emitting light at 5000 lux, and "vanishing cream" capable of temporarily redirecting light around subjects it is applied to, rendering them invisible for up to 5 minutes before losing efficacy. All of the more complex products require some combination of the 3 unidentified compounds. Attempts to replicate the experiments without using these compounds result in inert substances.

The back page of each booklet contains a re-order form for the chemical compounds. Re-order requests have consistently been filled within 4-6 weeks, although the supplied mailing address does not exist. At the bottom of the re-order form is an advertisement to purchase "Dr. Wondertainment's Super Science™ Li'l Physicist Kit™", "Dr. Wondertainment's Super Science™ Li'l Geologist Kit™!", "Dr. Wondertainment's Super Science™ Li'l Geneticist Kit™!", as well as an advertisement for a television program entitled "Professor Abnormal's Science Lab". Attempts to order these kits using the re-order form have consistently resulted in form letters stating that the kits are available in retail outlets only.

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