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Item #: SCP-1222

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1222 is to be locked in a 60 x 60 x 60 cm hard plastic container with foam inner-lining to hold it in place. Container can be found inside locker ██ in the storage area of Site-4. If container is damaged in any way, contact administration for replacement. Personnel with Level 1 clearance or higher may access the object for research purposes.

If not used for testing, linseed oil must be rubbed into SCP-1222 for preservation purposes once annually. Linseed oil must also be used after all research tests.

Description: SCP-1222 is a bamboo box, decorated with beads and shells, and measuring 7 x 10 x 10 cm. A lid is attached and held together by a woven thread made of palm fronds. Any human who touches the box with both hands and gazes at its bottom will instantly enter a state of stasis, in which they cannot be repositioned or harmed by any means known to the Foundation; any human in this condition is to be classified as SCP-1222-1. This stasis will continue until SCP-1222-1 is touched by the skin of a live human. SCP-1222-1 has no vital signs (respiration, blood pressure, brain activity), and can remain in this condition indefinitely. Removing SCP-1222 from SCP-1222-1's hands, or blocking it from SCP-1222-1's view, does not affect the stasis. However, only one instance of SCP-1222-1 exists at a time; attempts to successively or simultaneously create multiple instances of SCP-1222-1 have failed.

Examination of SCP-1222-1 through latex gloves has revealed that SCP-1222-1's flesh is hard and unyielding; researchers have described the flesh as being "like stone or metal". SCP-1222-1's clothing is unaffected by the stasis and can be damaged normally; however, hair becomes intensely tough and durable.

Future tests are scheduled for use of radiation, destructive bacteria, nano-machines, and SCPs ████, ████, ████, ████, ████, ████ and ████. Various Keter class SCPs were also considered but decided against due to possibility of the damage or destruction of SCP-1222.
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