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Item #: SCP-1212

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The original instance of SCP-1212 is to be contained in a standard containment locker at Site-12. All additional instances are to be contained in a Size- 1 2 3 6 Containment Locker directly adjacent to the original instance's containment locker. Under no circumstances aside from deposition of new instances of SCP-1212 is the secondary containment locker to be opened. Once every three (3) weeks, one D-class is to be introduced to SCP-1212. Said D-class is to remain under observation until expiring, at which point the original instance will be separated and placed in its containment locker and the remaining instances stored in secondary containment.

Note: Due to possible psychic effects discovered during staff interviews following Incident 1212-Delta, Containment and research on SCP-1212 is to be undertaken solely by Junior Researchers and other personnel who still think Able is "the coolest fucking 'SPC' we have," as they appear to be immune.

Description: SCP-1212 is an indestructible ivory bracelet with diameter of 10 cm, 2 cm. thick, with two extremely sharp spikes directly polar to each other pointing outwards from the center. Inspection reveals that it is a single, unaltered piece of bone, leading researchers to believe that it is a notch from the spinal column of a currently unknown creature. SCP-1212 contains trace amounts of dark matter within the bone. It is unknown at this time whether this is the cause of its anomalous effects.

When coming within one (1) meter of SCP-1212, subjects with no prior knowledge of its effects experience a strong compulsion to wear it. When placed on any limb of the body, SCP-1212's spikes will turn inward and the bracelet itself will contract to clamp tightly around the limb. Subjects will typically report extreme pain following the impalement of the limb, and at this point will attempt to remove SCP-1212. It is impossible to remove SCP-1212 following impalement.

Over the course of three hours, the subject's spinal notches will become hollow, and widen to a diameter of 10 cm. Two spikes will grow on each notch. When three hours have elapsed, each spinal notch will detach itself from the subject by rotating at a speed of 2000 rpm. All spinal notches are identical in appearance and effect to the original instance of SCP-1212, save for two details:

  • They contain no dark matter.
  • If the original instance of SCP-1212 is not worn within 28 days of last detachment, all instances will spontaneously teleport to a random limb of nearby persons.

Incident 1212-Delta Aftermath Interview Log

On ██/██/████, all instances of SCP-1212 breached containment, resulting in a total of 3,128 fatalities. The following interview was conducted in the aftermath of the event between Dr. ████, the Researcher who initially reported SCP-1212, and Drs. ███, ██████, and Researcher ████, all Level 4 researchers who had been in charge of the containment of SCP-1212, who had been out getting smoothies during the breach.

Dr. ████: Not only did the three of you ignore the clear, three-week deadline, but you out-and-out ignored the item completely! Why?
Researcher ████: It's boring.
Dr. ████: …what?
Dr. ██████: Yeah, it's just a cliche, indestructible, cursed magical item that kills you. That's it.
Dr. ████: That's it?! 3,128 people died because of this SCP!
Researcher ████: Exactly! That's just cheap horror. Like, "Oooh, this thing is so dangerous. It killed so many people." No substance, no hook, nothing at all. Like, what's its backstory? How did we find it?
Dr. ████: Huh? What are you talking about? We found it in an abandoned mine after a miner went missing and died, but what does that have to do with anything?
Dr. ███: It has to do with everything. That backstory is boring, and kind of implausible. We don't investigate every death in the world. It just doesn't add anything. Maybe you could change it?
Dr. ████: What the fuck do you mean, "change it?!" That's what actually happened!
Dr. ██████: Hey, buddy, calm down. We're just trying to help make it better.
Dr. ████: Better? This… THING fucking KILLS PEOPLE!
Dr. ███: Yes, yes. We've been over that. Now I have to ask, dark matter? Really?
Researcher ████: Oh yeah. That bugged the crap out of me. Dark matter hasn't actually been proven to exist.
Dr. ██████: Yeah. Downvote for pointless dark matter.
Dr. ████: It HAS been proven to exist! WE just proved it exists! You're scientists! Why aren't you shitting your pants with excitement?!
Dr. ███: That's another thing. Your tone. It's really off. I don't believe a scientist would really say that in an official interview. I'm afraid it's downvote for me.

Researchers screamed around him, as he darted towards the end, musing on the significance of having to stop in the midst of the jokes.

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