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Item #: SCP-1206

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents are to construct billboards advertising a Foundation-owned local restaurant chain in the event site of SCP-1206 near the town of ██████. Testing with subjects previously exposed to SCP-1206 has revealed that SCP-1206 cannot generate its effect if the view of the event site is impeded in any way.

Description: SCP-1206 is a serendipitous phenomenon that is the convergence of three factors: the degree of sky visibility over the event site, if at the time the Green Line Track D outbound from Boston, MA passes said site coincides with dusk or "twilight", and whether or not passengers happen to be gazing at the scenery on the northern/right side of the train. Statistically, SCP-1206 has shown a preference for the times of 17:30 EST to 19:30 EST as summer dusk tends to produce more picturesque settings, as well as a degree of cloudiness that produces an aesthetically pleasing sky scape over the event site.

Between stops [REDACTED] the Green Line train passes through an open 0.4 km long expanse of trees and shrubbery bordering the eastern boundaries of ██████ that classified as the Hot Zone. If the aforementioned conditions are met, passengers become intensely transfixed by the scenery for the entirety of the trip through the Hot Zone. Subjects have reported an overwhelming feeling of awe and the sublime, but have summarily failed to provide adequate descriptions of what they have seen. Researchers have speculated that subjects have been unable to describe SCP-1206 because it appeals to latent forms in the human mind that cannot be accurately defined by formalized language. As exposed subjects feel a compulsion to communicate their experience of the Hot Zone, individuals will invariably develop a language (hereby referred to as 1206-A) that will replace and eventually become the subject's preferred method of communication.

1206-A has developed concurrently even in isolated subjects. 1206-A apparently functions as a language of the subconscious, utilizing rudimentary language constructs intrinsic to the human brain that can communicate the emotional state and status of its speaker and listener flawlessly. It is to be expected that >75% of subject groups will eventually fracture, as it is impossible to lie or be subtle when speaking 1206-A. Written words bear a resemblance to [REDACTED], suggesting 1206-A is far older than the Foundation initially believed.

Rough translations are possible, but the emotional sensations skilled speakers are able to convey far outweigh ordinary language constructs in lucidity of meaning, ease of use, and informational density. Non-speakers of 1206-A are still able to intuitively glean fragments of meaning from spoken instances, however complex. Only exposure to SCP-1206 has proven to trigger 1206-A. Should 1206-A become the de facto language of a nation or the world, its revelatory and reverent nature would cause total societal restructuring if not outright collapse. See notes by Dr. ███████ for summary of findings.

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