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Dr. Mayreder studying SCP-1204

Item #: SCP-1204

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Deceased specimens of SCP-1204 are stored within Site-77. As SCP-1204 does not survive in captivity or any other domestic environment, any instances identified in the wild are to be observed by mobile Foundation research teams and facilitated by Mobile Task Force Pi-1 "City Slickers". Ethics Committee guidelines suggest any SCP-1204 hosts should be euthanized after concluding relevant research.

Monitoring of municipal government records has been discontinued due to its ineffectiveness in locating SCP-1204 specimens.

Description: SCP-1204 is a human being which hosts a parasitic semi-corporeal being of unknown composition. CT scans of hosts reveal a tumor-like mass of varying size and location within the brain. Autopsies have shown the parasite to be invisible, detectable only through electrical pulses made upon contact.

The spread of SCP-1204 occurs through oral contact between two humans. A contracting mass of pharynx tissue will elongate through the mouth of an infested subject and into the uninfected oral cavity. This process requires extended oral contact. What follows has not been studied thoroughly enough to conclusively document, but it is known that both subjects will be SCP-1204 carriers following contact.

All known specimens of SCP-1204 have been transient or homeless persons, believed to have been suffering from various debilitating conditions prior to SCP-1204 infection. It is not known if this made them predisposed to infection or if it is more reflective of the general health of this population.

The behavior and personality of SCP-1204 changes markedly after infection. They will become increasingly hypersocial, devoting significant amounts of time seeking out physical contact. SCP-1204 will experience "strong feelings of loneliness" as well as extreme idolization of one potential romantic partner. Sexual interaction occurs only incidentally.

Physical symptoms of subjects with long-term SCP-1204 include persistent internal bleeding, memory alterations, and small but inevitable fatal tears near the rear of the nasal cavity and ventral portions of the brain. This suggests a tow on brain tissue during migration. Reasons behind the lethality of SCP-1204 are not yet known. Physical degradation does not correspond with the parasite's physical bodily interactions. Postmortem examinations reveal the absence of a hippocampus. Some evidence exists to show that SCP-1204 subjects may recall experiences and muscle memories of previous hosts, but this has not been confirmed.

Once nearing expiration, SCP-1204 will cease seeking out further hosts for infection and will attempt to locate an uninhabited structure or region. Once alone SCP-1204 will typically find a small space to expire inside of, such as caves or crawl spaces. SCP-1204's remains rapidly decompose until skeletal. Scavengers will not feed on SCP-1204's remains.1

SCP-1204 was discovered after an unusual string of 'murder' and 'suicide' reports were uncovered by Foundation search algorithms reviewing local papers from portions of the lower southeastern United States, ranging from Palm Harbor, Florida to Clarksville, Tennessee. This linked string of incidents seems to have coincided over the course of 10 years and involved more than ███ individuals before SCP-1204 was detected by the Foundation and recovered. The origin of SCP-1204 has yet to be discovered due to a lack of public records regarding its victims.

Addendum: Journal entry of SCP-1204-45, the only known first-person primary source detailing SCP-1204's effect on mental faculties. It is cataloged within Site-77's records as Document 1204-12. Original document was written on a variety of surfaces, including toilet tissue, strips of cardboard and bible pages.

Good signs today on St. George. "Spaceship broken, need parts" was my favorite. But that was before I saw you when a sign came down and there was that face stubbled and dirty but handsome and stoic. Strong. Generous, gave out coffin nails like candy.

I’ll just preface this by saying that I always felt like I could never be too close to you. I’ve felt that way for a while. I hope you’re at peace wherever you are now. It feels like you're so far away now… I don't know how I'm going to get through this…


Please don’t get angry at me for my friends. You say they're greedy but I might need a smellfungus tonight. It just hurts, it hurts so bad… I need someone to help ease the pain.

Why did you have to die?

I just feel like when we're hugging and stuff that I want to be closer, you know? Like I can't be any more close to you than possible. It's like, I don't know! Sorry I'm such a klazomaniac. It's such a weird feeling, like when we're lying down together like I just want to, I don't know, like, be you for just a second?

Haha, hope that doesn't sound to creepy. ILY! Can't wait to smell you again.

I jumped the first guy I saw at the camp. No kissing or anything. I'm really a piece of work aren't I Grace? Paul would hate me if he knew what I was doing. I'm just so fucking lonely. Maybe I'm trying to shake off Paul. I don't fucking know anymore. If I don't already have Cupid's itch I'm probably gonna get it soon.

Come by my place later so we can talk, okay?

How sweet are the sounds of lips pressed togeher bumping gums and grinders[sic]2

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you let me the fuck out you stupid pigs you want to keep the lips for yourself you stupid you jealous scunner thats why you have me locked in here because this is all part of your stupid plan dumb hole i didnt even care ill put you in a bone orchard convict me you just put me in here so you could have them throw my guts out. let me inside. i wants you. i don't want me, it says i can be with you. if i can get to you. we can both be with you. when i get to you

SCP-1204-45 was not recovered for interview. Their journal entries were found by MTF-Pi-1 in an abandoned house during reconnaissance operations. DNA was lifted from the documents, although they have not been matched to any SCP-1204 remains to date.

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