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Item #: SCP-1200

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Discovery and seizure of SCP-1200 are performed by FDA under CFR Title 21. Once in the possession of FDA, the recovered samples are to be replaced by non-anomalous duplicates and transferred to Site-197.

As the SCP-1200-A entities do not require sustenance or oxygen, they are to be contained in individual reinforced containers and stored in the I-TL1 Wing of Site-197.

Description: SCP-1200 designates all chewing gum distributed under the "Tastes Like Chewing Gum" brand. Packages of SCP-1200 periodically appear in various stores across the United States. The logo present on the packaging identifies the gum's manufacturer as "The Factory".

When an SCP-1200 sample is masticated by a human subject, the sample's anomalous effects will manifest. The particulars and the duration of the effects vary based on the flavor of the sample. Currently, 83 flavors of SCP-1200 have been documented. Swallowing SCP-1200 samples does not produce any further anomalous effects.

Addendum 1200-1: Partial list of SCP-1200 flavors. See 1200-E:KV for a full list.

Designation Effects
SCP-1200-12 Subject's gustatory perception was altered for 28 hours following the consumption of the sample. The subject was unable to discern the taste of consumed food, perceiving a lemon taste instead.
"Tastes Like Lemons"
Lime Green
SCP-1200-15 Subject became luminescent, emitting over 40000 lux of white light. The subject was not harmed by the effect. The effect continued for 20 minutes, after which time its intensity gradually decreased, ceasing fully after an additional 4 minutes.
“Tastes Like Sunshine”
Bright yellow
SCP-1200-29 For 216 minutes, subject was able to rearrange at will segments of her body, both internal and external. The functionality of the affected segments and the health of the subject was not diminished in the process. The alterations were accompanied by secondary changes in seemingly unrelated regions. Due to this, the subject was unable to return to her original body plan.
"Tastes Like Rubik's Cube"
SCP-1200-30 Six corporeal humaniform entities manifested in the vicinity of the subject. The entities did not exhibit sapient behavior, instead mimicking the actions and speech of the subject, guards and researchers, and each other. The entities continued to exist for six days, before dissolving into a homogeneous liquid. Subsequent analysis of the liquid revealed it to be a mixture of organic materials, iron particles, and acrylic paint.
"Tastes Like Those Forgotten"
Dark blue
SCP-1200-58 Polyhedral, crystalline exoskeleton formed around the subject. The resulting object proceeded to levitate at the height of 1.3 meters above the ground. The object remained inert for the next 62 days. After the conclusion of that period, the object broke apart, and the subject emerged unharmed. When debriefed regarding his experience, the subject stated that he was transported to a green meadow, where he met his younger brother. Notably, the subject does not have any living or deceased siblings.
"Tastes Like Afterlife"
SCP-1200-62 Incorporeal, translucent, leporine organisms appeared to emerge from the walls of the subject's cell. The organisms proceeded to reach the subject and burrow inside her body. The subject did not react to these events and claimed to be unable to perceive the entities. Video recordings of the incident did not show any anomalous activity. The subject expired 11 days later due to exsanguination. No injuries have been found on the body. To date, this is the only known fatality caused by the effects of an SCP-1200 sample.
"Tastes Like Moon's Shadow"

Addendum 1200-2: On 2003-02-20, while conducting an unrelated investigation, Foundation operatives discovered a facility dedicated to production of SCP-1200-30. At the time of discovery, the facility was populated by 28 anomalous entities. The entities were subsequently contained, designated SCP-1200-A, and transported to Site-197.

Instances of SCP-1200-A are animate humanoid entities composed primarily from wrought iron. SCP-1200-A have been covered in several layers of paint, typically white, dim blue, or yellow. The outer layers of paint are largely absent, while the remaining segments are faded and flaking; the underlaying material is showing signs of oxidation. In the center of SCP-1200-A's head is a large circular opening. No other features are present.

When not contained, the SCP-1200-A entities will attempt to acquire recently deceased human bodies and transform them into SCP-1200-30. Each entity will locate a suitable cadaver and transport it to the base facility. There, the entity will regurgitate paint, various biological matter, and small slags of iron, into the mouth of the cadaver. The entity will repeat this process over the course of several weeks. Eventually, the body will liquefy, forming a dense homogeneous liquid, which will disappear via unknown means soon after. Chemical analysis of the liquid identifies it as the substance constituting 80% of SCP-1200-30 sample's contents.

Addendum 1200-3: Cross-reference analysis of the Foundation Archives returned a relevant phone call. The call was made on 1999-06-02 from a pay phone located 2 km from the SCP-1200-A base facility. A single unidentified male voice can be heard on the recording. The transcript of the recording follows.

Herrick, this is Davis.

I'm all done with the psychopomps here. We redirected the output to the location you wanted, weren't any problems there. The goo should start arriving to you shortly.

About your other order, Morton spotted some nanohives in Budapest. I'm heading out there tomorrow. They should do nicely for your task, after some tinkering.

Make sure there won't be any issues with my payment this time. If your contacts at the Factory are unwilling, I can always find someone else.

Call you in two weeks.

Addendum 1200-4: On 2003-08-24, two days after dismantling of the SCP-1200-A base facility was concluded, packages containing a previously unknown flavor of SCP-1200 arrived to several non-clandestine Foundation facilities. The testing results are included below.

SCP-1200-83 No anomalous effects observed.
"Tastes Like Normalcy"
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