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Item #: SCP-1197

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1197 is to be fitted with a Foundation issue keycard lock designed to match neighboring units. Management has been instructed to inform both staff and guests that SCP-1197 is indefinitely inaccessible.

Two armed personnel are to be incorporated into the civilian staff in the security office. Any subjects emerging from SCP-1197 are to be detained and administered medical and psychological treatment before being interviewed.

Following an active session SCP-1197 is to be thoroughly searched and cleaned with the entrance door secured open. Any anomalous items and bodies are to be removed and studied. SCP-1197-1 is not to be manipulated at any time outside of testing.

Description: SCP-1197 is hotel suite ███ in [REDACTED], containing a bedroom area, bathroom, and typical furnishings including a television, mini-fridge, and telephone. The windows on the far wall of the bedroom cannot be opened and the walls, floor, and ceiling cannot be damaged or breached by any known means. When viewed from through the windows from outside SCP-1197 appears as a clean and unoccupied room at all times.

SCP-1197 can be occupied for any amount of time and freely vacated, provided the occupant does not open SCP-1197-1. SCP-1197-1 is a doorway in the western wall of SCP-1197. Although it appears to connect to the adjacent suite, the corresponding door in room ███ cannot be opened. SCP-1197-1 remains locked unless the entrance door to SCP-1197 is closed, at which point SCP-1197-1 can be opened.

Opening SCP-1197-1 will reveal an identical version of SCP-1197, including any current occupants, who have opened their version of SCP-1197-1 at the same moment. New instances of subjects exhibit accurate knowledge in response to questions of identity, and act in a similar manner. Posthumous testing reveals no biological discrepancies.

SCP-1197 has demonstrated the ability to spawn items during an active session, out of view of any occupants. Utilities, with the exception of the telephone, continue to function, but occasionally experience outages.

During an active session the entrance door to SCP-1197 will no longer open and cannot be breached from either side. Should 1 instance of each occupant expire, SCP-1197-1 will close and the entrance door will open for whichever room is currently occupied. To date all recorded deaths within SCP-1197 have resulted from homicide.

Note: The Foundation became aware of SCP-1197 4 days into Incident 1197/3. Interviews with hotel staff and local authorities provided information regarding previous incidents. For clarification purposes, surviving subjects are designated -1, -2, etc. while their duplicates are designated -A, -B respectively.

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