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SCP-1180 before transplant

Item #: SCP-1180

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A security camera has been mounted near the transplantation site; footage should be reviewed for changes on a weekly basis. Hardhats are mandatory for those working in close proximity to SCP-1180. All instances of fallen or new growths should be promptly reported to the head of Botanical Research.

Description: SCP-1180 is identical in appearance to Cocos nucifera, the coconut palm. The anomaly was discovered when a research team was dispatched to investigate local rumors of a "possessed palm": witnesses claimed that the plant would intentionally drop its sizable drupes on the heads of unsuspecting passersby. The specimen was found growing in relative isolation on a strip of shore less than 16km from the outer perimeter of Research Sector-09.

SCP-1180 grows and fruits at the same rate as a comparable specimen of Cocos nucifera. The organism's only outwardly anomalous trait is a rattling or knocking sound that emanates from its fruits. These noises grow louder as the drupes reach maturity. Radiography results are identical to those of normal coconuts.

Tests with human subjects suggest that the organism is equipped with an unusual adaption for preservation and propagation; while the tree itself is vulnerable to damage, subjects instructed to open, crack, or otherwise damage its offspring experience significant emotional distress.

Addendum 7/29/██:

excerpt from Agent Gast's recovery log:
Research team, equipped with suitable headgear, meets with no accidents while examining the organism. A subdued rattling, described by recovery team as "knocking sounds", can be heard issuing from inside the ripening coconuts. Excavated root ball densely packed with worms of an unknown species. Several days of observation have yielded similar results; decision made to transplant the palm to Sector-09 grounds for further tests. Transplant accomplished without mishap.

Addendum 8/9/██


Addendum 8/14/██:
The largest instance of the new growths, designated SCP-1180-8, now measures 110mm in diameter. Caretakers have reported knocking sounds coming from inside the husk.

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