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Local sign warning of Area-179's restricted status. Image taken 4 October 2006. The sign no longer stands.

Item #: SCP-1179

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1179 is apparently dormant, encased in the bedrock under Research Site-██. Apart from simple monitoring and standard research safety protocols, no additional containment is deemed necessary at this time. [Edited, 05/██/1962]

Due to the subterranean nature, self-ambulatory capabilities, and physical properties of SCP-1179, enforcement of containment has to date proven impossible. Project Tartarus is charged with continuous research into developing additional practical containment measures for SCP-1179. It is speculated that SCP-1179 is capable of being destroyed, as wounds inflicted by heavy ordnance during the evacuation attempt of Expedition-1179-VI were later observed to not have healed. To date, isolation and observation of SCP-1179 has mostly proven sufficient, as SCP-1179 has demonstrated no efforts to move above ground and has limited itself to a roughly two kilometer radius from its original location of discovery. In the event that SCP-1179 should be observed to move beyond recorded areas, personnel are to immediately notify O5 Command.

The land above SCP-1179 has been designated as “Area-179” by the Foundation. Due to the proximity of a civilian population center which cannot be moved, Area-179 is to only employ low yield nuclear failsafe devices. [Edited, ██/██/1992]

The general public has become aware of SCP-1179 and believes the cover story that it is, in fact, an anthracite coal mine fire caused by a trash dump fire. Foundation personnel are to infiltrate and coordinate all efforts to extinguish the blaze for the protection of both involved civilians and SCP-1179. All efforts to extinguish the blaze have ceased. [Edited, ██/██/198█]

Civilians living above SCP-1179 have suffered adverse health effects due to byproducts of the fire, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and insufficient oxygen levels. Civilians are no longer permitted in Area-179. [Edited, ██/██/1992] Effects on civilians are within tolerable levels, with the populace generally unaware of the scale of SCP-1179. Following the incident with Todd Domboski and the associated quantity of press coverage, the Foundation is to work to relocate civilians from Area-179. Area-179 has been claimed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under eminent domain. [Edit, ██/██/1992] It has subsequently been closed to all unauthorized personnel with the Pennsylvania government enforcing evictions of unauthorized residents. [Edit, ██/██/2009]

A bunker has been constructed in a geologically stable section of Area 179, allowing for Foundation operations in the area and monitoring of SCP-1179. Foundation security personnel, along with local law enforcement, are to coordinate to prevent civilians from entering Area 179, in accordance with warnings issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Personnel within Area 179 are to restrict their movement to approved areas, due to the geological instability caused by SCP-1179.

Description: SCP-1179 has not been clearly and scientifically observed since May 1962 during Incident CB-1962-██-███. The original file description of SCP-1179 is as follows:

SCP-1179 appears to be a giant vaguely humanoid figure carved from an unknown volcanic rock. In one hand, it holds a whip; in the other, a sword. Its face has vaguely human features, including a long beard, though it has two large horns like those of a ram flanking its face. SCP-1179 measures over 30 meters from head to toe, with shoulders over 8 meters wide. It resembles a carving of the Norse eld jötunn Surtr (the giant guarding the frontier of the Norse fire realm of Múspell). Dating of the stratum encasing SCP-1179 indicates it dates to the Mississippian subperiod of the Carboniferous period, approximately 359.2-318.1 million years ago. This age is consistent with the geological age of this region.

SCP-1179 has since demonstrated the ability to change shape at will, and to become invisible and without form, appearing as a giant flying shade. Photographic evidence has failed to produce a conclusive image of SCP-1179, due to inexplicable camera feed disruptions, operator panic, and physical destruction of cameras. Expeditionary teams have described SCP-1179 as “having hellfire” for eyes and generally having great height. Its body often is seen as a combination of fire, smoke, and hardening lava.

From there, the descriptions begin to diverge wildly. Survivors generally describe its head as “monstrous,” with some mentioning curved horns consistent with the original form of SCP-1179. Others argue it has fangs larger than a man's arm. Still others state that SCP-1179 has neither horns nor fangs, and its face is encircled by flames which reach down into a long beard of fire. Eyewitnesses cannot agree whether or not it has wings. Most agree that it is usually armed with a multi-tailed whip of flame and a glowing red sword of fire several meters in length, though it will at times appear with either the whip or the sword or neither. Though of great size, it is apparently capable of moving both quickly and quietly. Those few who survive encounters with SCP-1179 generally describe it as smelling of “rotten eggs and old chimneys”. Chemical analysis of air samples taken from SCP-1179’s breath have shown exceptionally high concentrations of carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.

Item History:

Addendum 1179-1: Research is pending into harnessing the anthracite coal fires as a means of energy production, as they will likely continue burning for the foreseeable future. See Project Vulcan’s Forge, or contact Project Lead Dr. Crane or Area-179 Director Wilson for further details.

Addendum 1179-2: Images relating to SCP-1179's effects on Area-179.

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