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SCP-1177 during initial containment.

Item #: SCP-1177

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1177 is currently housed in the containment quarters of Site 40. A staffed closed-circuit camera monitors SCP-1177 at all times. If SCP-1177 attempts to practice self-harm, alert the head researcher as soon as possible. Per standard humanoid containment precautions, personnel are to be searched before entering SCP-1177's chamber. Personnel are subject to an additional search upon exiting the chamber.

Description: SCP-1177 is a Latin-American female of indeterminate age who possesses the ability to exchange severed pieces of her own body for goods and services.1 Although she appears elderly, this may be a result of her long-term abuse of her anomalous property and lifestyle—interviews reveal that, prior to entering Foundation custody, she had spent much of her adult life as a homeless vagrant. SCP-1177 was discovered in the [REDACTED] casino in Kansas after she bribed the doorman into allowing her entry and made several attempts to play a nickel slot machine without the use of casino tokens before being apprehended by security and delivered to paramedics. Foundation agents alerted to these events posed as employees of a local mental health facility and were given custody of the woman without incident. The slot machine and the rug under it were submitted for cleaning.

Possessions found on SCP-1177's person upon containment included: one (1) costume jewelry ring; two (2) plastic earrings; one (1) toothbrush; one (1) comb, fine-toothed; three (3) empty wrappers belonging to the [REDACTED] fast food chain; two (2) instant lottery tickets, scratched off, with no redemption value; one (1) pocketknife; one (1) washcloth, bloodstained; one (1) movie ticket stub; one (1) piece of ham, kept in an additional fast food chain wrapper; and one (1) 16 oz. bottle of rubbing alcohol, with half the contents remaining. These objects were evaluated and discarded.

Physical examination following containment revealed signs of self-mutilation covering her body, including numerous scars, healing wounds, missing teeth and patches of hair. SCP-1177's fifth toes and right fourth finger are missing. Her right middle finger has been crudely amputated after the lower joint, as has the upper joint of her right index finger.

Tissue samples used by SCP-1177 are most commonly strips of flesh from the arm or leg, irregularly cut off using a pocketknife or other implement, removed and cleaned of blood using a washcloth before being presented. Those who are offered a section of SCP-1177's body recognize it as being detached human flesh, but do not manifest revulsion or surprise; instead, they accept the flesh as an alternate form of payment, like a voucher or debit card. This varies in effectiveness based on several factors, including the subject's normal likeliness of accepting alternate forms of payment, the size of the payment expected, and the amount and type of flesh given.

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