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Item #: SCP-1170

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the incorporeal nature of SCP-1170-2, it cannot be moved to a safe distance from local residents. As such, Area-1170 has been built around SCP-1170-1. The entire apartment complex has been blocked off; however, due to its rather public location, Foundation personnel are required to maintain disguises when in view.

Shift changes for guards stationed at Area-1170 occur every three hours. No personnel are to enter SCP-1170-1 except in special cases under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-1170-1 is a windowless bedroom located on the second floor of Apartment #21 in the ████ ███████ Apartment Complex, ██████, British Columbia. The room measures 8.5m x 11m x 3.2m, with hardwood floors and concrete walls. It appears empty on all security footage. The room cannot be illuminated by visible light (excluding the built-in light fixture), as SCP-1170-1 seems to absorb all visible wavelengths. The interior of the room appears pitch-black when viewed without specialized equipment. Light outside the visible spectrum appears to encounter no resistance from SCP-1170-1, allowing use of infrared and night vision cameras. All light with wavelength shorter than 1 m is in some way affected by SCP-1170-1. It is not known whether radio waves are also manipulated. Audio recording devices have been shown to be at least partially functional.

SCP-1170-1's active anomalous properties are triggered upon activation of the room's built-in light fixture, located approximately 0.75 m from the door on the west-facing wall. Subjects present when this light is on claim that the bedside lamps in the room activate, although security footage shows no change in luminescence and infrared cameras do not detect any heat source other than the subjects. In addition, subjects describe the room as having a bed, a fireplace, two bedside tables, ████████████, and two lamps, none of which appear in security footage. It is theorized that this effect may be purely psychic in nature.

Approximately one minute and thirty seconds after the light fixture is activated, an entity (hereafter SCP-1170-2) appears on night vision camera (though only barely, as wavelengths emitted are only up to 10-6 meters in length). SCP-1170-2's anatomy is apparently humanoid except for its inverted joints. Footage taken shows no interaction between the subject and SCP-1170-2. At some point between 2 (two) seconds and 40 (forty) minutes after SCP-1170-2 appears, both it and any foreign objects in the room (including cameras, external lights, and test subjects) vanish. SCP-1170-2 is visible only to human subjects who have been present in SCP-1170-1 for the entirety of the time between the most recent activation of the light fixture and the subsequent appearance of SCP-1170-2. Exiting the room is not recommended while SCP-1170-2 is present in the room, as [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is unclear whether or not SCP-1170-2 physically exists or is simply a near-infrared illusion produced by SCP-1170-1.

Subjects inside SCP-1170-1 are seen to converse with a partner while SCP-1170-2 is present; the content of these conversations suggests that they are in fact speaking with SCP-1170-2. Furthermore, the sudden emotional changes experienced by subjects conversing with the entity suggest that SCP-1170-2 may have a memetic effect. SCP-1170-2 has avoided all directed questions about any subjects unrelated to love and romantic partnership.

Objects occasionally appear at random in SCP-1170-1. Most are mundane and have no apparent anomalous properties. However, there have been several instances of blood appearing on the walls, roof, and floor of the room: genetic testing revealed it to belong to Class-D personnel who had disappeared along with SCP-1170-2. Fecal matter, semen, saliva, and [DATA EXPUNGED] have also been recovered, all consistent with previous test subjects.

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