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Item #: SCP-1162-J

Object Class: Safe (pending review)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1162-J must be stored under Biosafety Level 4 conditions. Under no circumstances may SCP-1162-J be handled without adequate BSL-4 protection or by personnel not in full Class A hazmat gear. Personnel who have been exposed to SCP-1162-J are to be subject to post-mortem incineration. In the case of containment compromise, full nuclear sterilization is considered automatically authorized.

Description: Inspection reveals SCP-1162-J to be similar in form to an ordinary bacon-and-cheese sandwich. Two slices of cheese are present within the sandwich, determined to be ████████ ████ and ██████ ████. Sauce of undetermined composition has also been located within the sandwich. SCP-1162-J's anomalous properties result from its bun, which is composed entirely of fried chicken. Despite this deviation from ordinary sandwich structure, SCP-1162-J maintains its sandwich designation through unknown means.

SCP-1162-J was deposited into Foundation care on ██/██/████, by Agent ███████, who had spent the previous two weeks on leave. Agent ███████, after ensuring SCP-1162-J's prompt containment, left directions for immolation and promptly committed suicide. Elevated levels of sodium were indeed found within the corpse prior to destruction. The ultimate origin of SCP-1162-J is not known. Packaging originally found with SCP-1162-J at the time of containment identifies it as a Kentucky Fried Chicken "Double Down" sandwich, but Foundation scientists have judged it unlikely that any such product would have been designed by said company or produced on a large scale, being entirely inconsistent with all previous definitions of "sandwich" as well as its property of inducing violent revulsion in human subjects. The effects of direct exposure to SCP-1162-J have never been observed, but are assumed to be rapid heart failure followed by death. Consumption in part or whole has been theorized to have the result of [DATA EXPUNGED] hazardous concentrations of sodium remaining in the corpses necessitating [DATA EXPUNGED] damage to nearby unprotected human subjects.

Addendum: Testimony from research personnel assigned to SCP-1162-J has raised the possibility of a psychic lure effect emanating from SCP-1162-J, intensifying with exposure over time. This hypothetical effect manifests as a compulsion to consume part of SCP-1162-J, despite knowledge of health risks and the near-certainty of permanent physiological damage to be incurred by such an action, described as a "morbid curiosity". As a precaution, staff rotation has been instituted.

Addendum: Unverified reports have been forthcoming regarding sightings of additional instances of SCP-1162-J in the wild. I need not remind you of the potential hazard posed to the public by such manifestations. All agents have been cleared for unlimited funding with the aim of containing as many instances of SCP-1162-J as possible. Get these things off the streets and into an anomalous-object retrieval bag ASAP, people. You have your orders. - Richard Stillmann, Site-██ Director

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