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Item #: SCP-1156

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1156 is to be housed in a stable adjacent to the Secure Outdoor Testing Facility at Site 73, and is to be provided with food, water, bedding, grooming, and veterinary care appropriate to a non-anomalous animal of its species. SCP-1156's stable is to be cleaned daily. SCP-1156 may be allowed supervised access to the Secure Outdoor Testing Facility for exercise and grazing purposes during daylight hours when no testing is scheduled. Any clothing changes exhibited by SCP-1156 are to be documented and monitored.

SCP-1156's cooperation with the Foundation is currently predicated on its belief that it is a paid employee thereof. During good behavior, SCP-1156 is to be assigned work of a low-priority nature, appropriate to its abilities. SCP-1156 is to be paid bi-weekly with scrip bearing a face value equivalent to the current UK minimum wage, minus legally permitted deductions for room and board, and is to be allowed to purchase approved sundries with said scrip from the Site 73 quartermaster. Failure to cooperate with Foundation personnel shall result in suspension of the above privileges.

The Foundation is to monitor sales and transfers of domesticated horses in the United Kingdom for any additional horses presenting SCP-1156's characteristics. In the event that any such specimens are identified, the Foundation is to acquire the animal as soon as possible for separate containment at Site 73.

Description: SCP-1156 is a male domesticated horse (Equus ferus caballus) of indeterminate breed and unknown age, approximately 1.7 meters in height. SCP-1156's tongue, palate, lips, and vocal cords are shaped in a manner not found in non-anomalous horses, allowing it to produce phonemes used in human speech. SCP-1156's brain is approximately ██% larger than the brain of a non-anomalous horse, and possesses several anatomical regions of unknown purpose or function.

SCP-1156 is sapient and is able to speak English with a thick accent resembling that historically spoken by natives of the East End of London, UK ("Cockneys" in common use), and claims to have been born and resided in the London borough of Whitechapel prior to its coming into Foundation custody. SCP-1156 identifies itself as "Wellington G. Wonderhorse" and describes itself as part of a community of sapient horses living openly throughout the East End (a claim which has not yet been corroborated by Foundation research.) SCP-1156 has demonstrated a limited ability to manipulate tools and simple machines with its lips, teeth, and tongue, including an ability to write by holding a pen in its mouth.

SCP-1156 possesses a limited form of telekinesis, comprising an ability to dress itself by spontaneously manifesting clothing tailored to fit a large horse directly onto itself. Most frequently, this clothing takes the form of a silk top hat and a light blue scarf bearing the monogram "W.G.W." in gold embroidery, though SCP-1156 has demonstrated an ability to produce other articles of clothing, including neckties of various styles, coats, eyeglasses, masks, heraldic banners, harnesses, bridles and bits, and on one occasion upon a request from research staff, a full suit of articulated plate armor. Clothing manifested by SCP-1156 spontaneously disappears when SCP-1156 dresses itself differently; the source of the clothing and its ultimate disposition upon demanifesting is unknown. Forensic examination of the clothes themselves indicates that they are composed of common fabrics and metals and bear no anomalous properties in and of themselves.

SCP-1156 was acquired by the Foundation in 20██ following a raid on a country club in [REDACTED], UK, owned by Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. SCP-1156 claimed to have been taken prisoner by MC&D six months prior after responding to a want ad for coach horses and forced to perform various tasks for the guests of the club. SCP-1156 describes itself as a professional coach horse and has been convinced at this time that the Foundation is employing him for that purpose.

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