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Item #: SCP-1147

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-1147 are to be stored in separate planters in a 10m x 30m x 5m greenhouse located above ground on the premises of Sector 28. 3 liters of water should be added to each planter every 7 days.

Any instances of SCP-1147-1 produced by the specimens should be stored in the opaque container next to each planter. Personnel working in greenhouse are to be screened upon exit to prevent accidental dispersal of SCP-1147-1. Following test SCP-1147-DC all handling of SCP-1147-1 must be done with approved tools.

Testing the safety and edibility of any specimen of SCP-1147-2 is restricted to D-Class personnel. After 48 hours of observation specimens may be cleared for general consumption.

All tests must be approved by Dr. Laurel.

Description: SCP-1147 is an unclassified species of plum tree whose seeds, designated SCP-1147-1, can be planted in practically any substance. The resulting plant will adopt physical attributes from the utilized substance. SCP-1147 has proven capable of growing in solids, loose material, and liquids via hydroponics. SCP-1147 produces fruit, designated SCP-1147-2.

The original specimen of SCP-1147 was discovered growing from the steel base of a lamp post in ████ ██████, Georgia, where it was believed to be an art installation by the local population.

SCP-1147 Control
Substance: Standard potting soil.
Result: Normal plum tree closely matching similar species. Seeds retain anomalous properties.
Fruit: Sweeter than expected.
Notes: To eliminate as many variables as possible, only seeds from SCP-1147 control should be used for new tests. -Dr. Laurel

Substance: 20cm cube of galvanized steel. 5cm hole drilled into top, seed placed within, plugged with steel shavings.
Result: Trunk is high quality steel with a superior tensile strength. Leaves and flowers are thin, rigid zinc sheets and give off no scent.
Fruit: Inedible. D-182 cracked tooth in attempt. Subsequent taste tests denied for specimens that can't be cut with a knife.
Notes: This is the same material in which SCP-1147 was discovered. Original specimen successfully reproduced. -Dr. Laurel

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