SCP-1146 Testing Log
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Note to all researchers:
Please include your name, request and the results into your testing log. Also, please ensure you remove all created models from the testing chamber when you are finished.

Test 1
Name: Dr. Grant
Request: One (1) model of a cube.
Result: SCP-1146 quickly turned out the cube, although expressing boredom in the simplicity of the model. The model remained inanimate, and was removed with no problems. The completed cube can now be found on Dr. Grant's desk, in use as a paperweight.

Test 2
Name: Dr. Grant
Request: One (1) model of a Tiger.
Result: SCP-1146 expressed concern at how dangerous a real Tiger would be, whilst working. When completed, the model walked out of the machine, and curled up at Dr. Grant's feet, seemingly taking a nap. SCP-1146 expressed happiness at the "cute" behavior of the Tiger. The model eventually stood up and wandered around the testing chamber, and vitrified after 28 minutes.

Interesting. It appears that the models only come to life if they are models of living things. It also seems that the SCP affects how the model behaves. I'll have to see if this is the case. -Dr. Grant

Test 3
Name: Dr. Grant
Request: One (1) model of a Piranha
Result: SCP-1146 quickly printed the fish, talking about how it likes sea creatures. Upon completion, the printed model was dropped into a fish tank, and then exposed to a sample of human blood. No reaction was observed, the model instead behaving like a common goldfish. Upon being questioned if it had ever seen a fish before, SCP-1146 confirmed that his creator had a pet fish.

It seems that the behavior of the models is indeed based upon how the SCP believes they should act. I wonder to what extent this independent will of the machine goes. -Dr. Grant

Test 4
Name: Research Assistant ███████████
Request: One (1) model of female [REDACTED]
Result: SCP-1146 requested a picture, which was provided, and completed the model, commenting on it being a very strange looking cat. Research Assistant ███████████ proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] Security Team B assisted in removal, and Research Assistant ███████████ was treated for severe blood loss, amputation, and deep tissue scratches, before being terminated.

Wait. What? That is… this really lessens my faith in my fellow man. Still, it does provide some rather valuable data. This confirms that the behavior of the models is decided by the SCP, and is based completely on how the machine believes the models should act. I suppose it's actually kind of lucky that ███████████ liked to use slang. However, I hope that 1146 isn't disturbed by this event. -Dr. Grant

Test 5
Name: Dr. Owens
Prior to this test, the subject was exposed to a russian dub of the children's show "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."
Request: One (1) model of a Turtle.
Result: Instead of requesting an image of a turtle, SCP-1146 began printing while "humming" the cartoon's theme song. The completed model was a rendition of the cartoon characters. The model began leaping around the testing chamber, whilst performing several styles of martial art. Subject expressed glee at the behavior of the model. Model vitrification at 27 minutes.

Building off Dr. Grant's work, it appears that the subject does indeed control the behavior of the models based upon preconceptions of their behavior. It also appears that the SCP does not require an image to create something it has already seen. This may require a small amount of extra testing, but I'm quite sure of it. -Dr. Owens

Test 6
Name: Dr. Owens
Request: One (1) model of Dr. Grant
Result: SCP-1146 immediately began speaking of how kind Dr. Grant had treated it, whilst immediately beginning to print a likeness of him. The completed model walked around the testing chamber, appearing to take notes on a clipboard. Model vitrification after 37 minutes.

As previously hypothesized, the subject does not require an image of a model to reproduce it, if it has previously observed it. This may prove useful in the event that the Foundation ever needs to create a likeness of an individual, or an SCP. - Dr. Owens

Due to recent events, all testing of SCP-1146 is to be halted immediately.

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