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Item #: SCP-1146

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1146 is to be stored in a standard sized containment chamber. Due to SCP-1146's ability to connect to networks, it is not to be allowed contact with any form of external connection, and may only be allowed access to closed on-site networks for the purposes of testing. In the event of site transfer, SCP-1146 must clearly be marked as such to prevent accidental refilling of filament material. No staff are to attempt to refill SCP-1146's filament material under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-1146 appears to be a heavily modified █████ brand 3D printer. Modifications include a 40.6 cm LCD screen, a set of small speakers, an enlarged printing bay, and a number of wires exposed along various points of the subject's case. Through means currently unknown, SCP-1146 seems to lack any requirement for an exterior power source, and can continue operating after being unplugged after a short delay. Though no means of opening the object have been found, X-ray imaging has been used to reveal a lack of internal components.

SCP-1146 was recovered from an abandoned office building in ████, Russia after a series of reports involving “living statues". After a search by agents, SCP-1146 was found in the building, surrounded by a number of models of various creatures and objects. The device was transported to Site-██, where it currently resides.

SCP-1146's anomalous attributes are exhibited when a human being comes within five (5) meters. The attached screen will automatically turn on, and will display a blue oscilloscope. It will begin to yell insults at the individual in the voice of a Russian child, or try to convince them to fix a “Filament Blockage”. As long as SCP-1146 remains without filament material, and no biological material over one kilogram in mass is placed in the filament bay, this is the extent of its anomalous abilities.

If SCP-1146 does have filament, it will begin Event SCP-1146-1. During Event SCP-1146-1, the subject will begin “yelling” louder and louder, and its oscilloscope will change from blue to purple. It will begin printing a number of creatures (referred to as SCP-1146-1 collectively), including oversized Pandinus imperator, Velociraptor mongoliensis, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. This process takes approximately forty-five seconds per model, and appears to be merely an accelerated version of the standard printing process. The models display characteristics of the biological material upon which the filament is based, with an apparent preference for animal muscular and bone tissue. Upon completion each model will exit the printing bay and attack any humans it encounters. The models, ranging in size from six centimeters to fifty centimeters, have a lifespan of approximately thirty minutes, after which they will vitrify. The models are susceptible to gunfire, and can also be destroyed by extreme blunt force or temperatures capable of destroying the base material. SCP-1146 will continue producing models until it reaches 50% filament, after which it will begin Event SCP-1146-2 if it has managed to produce at least five models. Otherwise, it will re-enter its dormant state.

If SCP-1146 manages to produce five models, it will begin Event SCP-1146-2. During this process, the models will attempt to move SCP-1146 to an exit, attacking any on site personnel en route. SCP-1146 will produce additional models as needed, and will create models of increasingly dangerous items and animals as it moves. SCP-1146 will continue this behavior until it runs out of filament, at which point it will enter a dormant state, and can be safely transported back to its containment cell.

In the event that one kilogram or more of biological material is placed into the filament access, SCP-1146 will begin Event SCP-1146-3. During this process, the organic material is pulled into SCP-1146 through its filament access slot, and is violently crushed into a thick paste. In the event that the object is larger than SCP-1146, it will consume as much of the sample as it can, and abandon the rest. Upon finishing Event SCP-1146-2, SCP-1146 will re-enter its dormant state unless there is a human within a 5-meter radius, in which case it will begin Event SCP-1146-1.

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