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Item #: SCP-1144

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1144 currently resides in the fifth storage basement of the Low-Priority Electronic Equipment and Instruments Vault, Row 32C, within a steel foot-locker labelled 'SCP-1144'. Both SCP-1144 and SCP-1144-1 require cleaning once a week, using disinfectant towels. Do not use water to clean either SCP-1144 or SCP-1144-1. Do not press any of the buttons in the process of cleaning SCP-1144. The foot-locker itself does not require maintenance.

Description: SCP-1144 resembles an Orion HR-120 Analytical Balance, a common brand of precise weighing scales. Like the HR-120, SCP-1144 is a box-like structure, measuring 21.3cm x 32.0cm x 30.2cm, consisting of a base, which presumably houses the electronic components of the device, and a transparent cage. The base itself comprises an LCD display, as well as several buttons for adjusting the scales. [Note: These buttons appear to have no effect on the functioning of SCP-1144, or the results it provides.]

SCP-1144 is permanently active; the display will show no signs of being on until an object is placed upon the scales, at which point, the display will activate, providing a reading for the observer.

It should be noted that the reading SCP-1144 provides is not a measurement of the object’s mass; repeated testing seems to suggest that both mass and weight are entirely irrelevant. Ongoing testing has yielded no indication of what exact objective quantity SCP-1144 is able to measure, although tenuous patterns have been established. For example, two similar objects will tend to produce similar readings. Under ‘normal’ conditions, SCP-1144 provides its data to 3 decimal places.

During initial testing, each object was ‘weighed’ three times, and each time similar readings were produced. This was taken to be evidence that SCP-1144 is in fact weighing a particular quantity, which varies in magnitude amongst a given set of objects. The source of the fluctuations are still unknown.

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