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Item #: SCP-1134-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1134-J is to be kept in a locked drawer in Doctor ████’s office. No further containment measures are deemed necessary to contain SCP-1134-J.

Description: SCP-1134-J is a roll of tan masking tape, approximately 4 cm in width. The labels on the interior of the roll suggest that it is the bad kind manufactured by ██.

SCP-1134-J’s anomalous properties are manifested when a human subject, henceforth referred to as SCP-1134-J-A, attempts to tear off a piece of SCP-1134-J. Instances of SCP-1134-J-A seem to be opposed to using scissors or any kind of a blade when attempting to remove a piece of SCP-1134-J.

When SCP-1134-J-A removes a piece of SCP-1134-J, SCP-1134-J will tear at a point that SCP-1134-J-A did not intend, regardless of how much care was invested in doing so. This causes an unusually large amount of frustration in SCP-1134-J-A, often causing SCP-1134-J-A to attack SCP-1134-J. SCP-1134-J also seems to be impervious to all attempts to damage it by SCP-1134-J-A, and attempts to do so also seem to cause additional frustration in SCP-1134-J-A.

Doctor ████: “What can I say, the damn thing’s annoying as [EXPLETIVE].”

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