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Item #: SCP-1127

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-1127 identified outside of containment are to be investigated by MTF Mu-53 (“Ebert's Thumb”). Physical copies of SCP-1127 are to be seized, and digital copies are to be captured on secure encrypted recording media before being neutralized. Any victims of full SCP-1127 exposure must be evaluated to determine if the effects of SCP-1127 have rendered them an unacceptable threat to the general public. Those deemed an acceptable risk are to be treated with Class-A amnestics and released. (Note: Amnestics have no effect on the symptoms of SCP-1127 exposure.) Those that cannot be released back into the population will be reclassed as D-class personnel or terminated at the site director’s discretion.

Contained copies of SCP-1127 are to be kept in the secure media vault at Site-██. Instances of SCP-1127 shall only be viewed on devices approved by the site director within Site-██’s secure viewing room. Instances of SCP-1127 shall only be viewed in their entirety by D-class subjects as part of an approved experiment. Foundation personnel should avoid unnecessary exposure and log any incidence of viewing SCP-1127. Any personnel who have logged over 15 minutes cumulative lifetime viewing of any version of SCP-1127 must cease working with SCP-1127 and be assigned to other duties.

Description: SCP-1127 is a series of short films ranging between 23 and 42 minutes in length. To date ███ copies of 3 different films have been recovered and 1 film has been identified but not yet contained. The films have been designated SCP-1127-1, SCP-1127-2, SCP-1127-3 and SCP-1127-4. It is unknown how many more films in the SCP-1127 series have yet to be identified and recovered by the Foundation.

Each film is composed primarily of scenes clipped from other movies and shorts, with additional video from various other sources. Sound and dialog has been added or modified, and a “narrator” character unique to each film appears, fully integrated into the clips comprising the film, regardless of the original source of the material. The narrator provides commentary and occasionally interacts with objects and characters within the recycled footage.

Anomalous properties present after a cumulative 20 minutes of exposure to the contents of any single film in the SCP-1127 series. Effects do not present when audio and video are perceived separately. Each film in the series produces a different effect in the viewer, but in each case the effect is a permanent disruption in normal behavior patterns, altering emotional reactions to various stimuli.

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