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Item #: SCP-1126

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1126 is to remain planted at Bio-Site-68. It is to be tethered by steel cable to 4 concrete pillars moored in the ground around it to prevent it from moving or uprooting itself. It is to be watered at 0900 hours twice weekly. Personnel are neither to encourage nor discourage the claims that SCP-1126 makes.

Description: SCP-1126 is a specimen of Veitchia joannis (Joannis palm), standing 12m tall. Despite being a member of a species endemic to Fiji, SCP-1126 was recovered in Cleveland, Ohio. SCP-1126 is animate and capable of speech. It possesses the speech mannerisms and personality of the stereotypical Cold War spy. It claims to be "Agent Palmer," a reconnaissance agent from an organization known as T.R.O.P.I.C. Said organization's apparent mission is "the exploration, advancement and domination of tropical flora and fauna into the climatologically oppressed regions of the world." There is no evidence to support the organization's existence. SCP-1126 states that prior to its recovery by the Foundation, it had successfully surveyed over 55 square kilometers of rural and urban territory in the state of Ohio. The veracity of this claim remains indeterminate.

Draped around SCP-1126's trunk is a dark gray trench coat with two belts that fasten tightly across the waist. While the sleeves, pockets, and flaps of the trench coat may be shifted or opened, it has proven impossible to completely disrobe SCP-1126 — the coat is secured to the trunk by unknown means. In addition, SCP-1126 repeatedly issues threats of its close-quarters combat prowess, and recommends that its body not be explicitly investigated. SCP-1126 can manipulate the trench coat as though it has arms, usually positioning the sleeves as though it were clasping its hands behind its back. SCP-1126 achieves forward locomotion by rocking back and forth on its root ball.

SCP-1126 may occasionally remain silent for several days in a row, and tends towards speaking less often or with a hoarse voice when given less water. SCP-1126 also shows a propensity for neologism.

Interview Log 1126-Epsilon:

Interviewed: SCP-1126

Interviewer: Dr. Sam Quentin

Foreword: The following interview was conducted shortly after SCP-1126 had been watered one morning.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Quentin: Hello SCP-1126.

(SCP-1126 clears its throat and pauses for a few seconds.)

SCP-1126: Pleased to make your accountance, enemy number 29. (Note: SCP-1126 had not met Dr. Quentin prior to this.)

Dr. Quentin: And how are you today?

SCP-1126: As I have explained, I am alert. I will not rest until these enchainments have been broken and I am free from the tyranny of the temperate bloc.

Dr. Quentin: Is there anything you would like to say for the record, SCP-1126?

SCP-1126: This is day 14 of my imprisonment. My confederables Agent Spanish Moss and Agent Jewel Beetle are waiting for me on the outside. Even as we speak they are finding weakenings in the defense field of this oppressed establishment.

Dr. Quentin: And these agents are members of T.R.O.P.I.C.?

SCP-1126: "T.R.O.P.I.C. is fighting for the ideal of the safety and proliferation of tropical life." I will fight with it to my dying breath. The mission must be completed.

Dr. Quentin: …And why did you choose Ohio for reconnaissance?

SCP-1126: I do not choose my assignages, enemy number 29. I accept them.

Dr. Quentin: For an agent of espionage, you seem to be revealing your orders quite freely.

SCP-1126: (shrugs) The world must be made aware of our agenda.

Dr. Quentin: Well then, thank you, that will be all. (stands and makes his way to leave the area)

SCP-1126: (shouting) Long live T.R.O.P.I.C., and down with the polarist regime!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-1126 appears to be able to accurately keep track of the passage of time and remember individuals it has previously encountered.

Addendum: Beginning on 2011-██-█, SCP-1126 has made a daily ritual of rocking forwards and backwards in place at 0000 hours in an attempt to break free of its moorings. These attempts only last for several minutes each and are considered no threat to containment.

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