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Thermal imaging of the artifact still located at 29°37'43"N 52°31'6"E

Item #: SCP-112

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: (Parts of this text translated by Dr. ████ █ █████ from ORIA Document D.TDL24, marked by =)

SCP-112 is never to be approached by anyone possessing gamete-producing organs; neither testicles nor ovaries. If anyone possessing these organs attempts to enter the same room as SCP-112, they are to be terminated immediately. If this cannot be achieved before the activation of the object's ability, Procedure 112.T is to be implemented using SCP-███ (See: Procedure 112.T Outline).

Specialized volunteers who have been castrated before having ever had penetrative intercourse and pledged to a life of celibacy are to be assigned to the care of the artifact at all times. At least one of these volunteers must be present and awake at all times with the artifact, but at least four must be present and awake with the artifact once a day.

The volunteers are to maintain an enclosed bunker, 3.2km (2mi) below the surface of the Earth, and their demands shall be met by all personnel no matter what. Personnel found to have turned down a volunteer request are to be terminated immediately.

Complete living standards are to be maintained for the volunteers in the above-ground portion of the complex.

At all times the object should be monitored for all known and measurable attributes using all available imaging technology.

Description: The object has been determined to be a sphere approximately 2 meters in diameter. This is based on thermal imaging, radar, and x-ray tests. It apparently emits radio waves, heat, and radiation of varying degrees. There is no evidence to suggest the artifact is capable of locomotion, but it also has not been ruled out.

Volunteers of both sexes who have undergone castration of the testicles and ovaries are required to keep the object stable. Previous to ██████ acquisition of the artifact, it was cared for by Vatican eunuchs.

Presently it is cared for by ███ ████ ███████████ who are closely monitored.

Proceeding is an excerpt from the research of Dr. Omid Mohammadien

The castrati used to attend the object are reluctant to discuss the object, and never refer to it without provocation. Their personalities completely change after first exposure to the artifact, and their memories appear to become corrupted. When confronted about scientific readings of the object, they become agitated, and describe the object as a young black boy. When questioned about the artifact's abilities, they describe normal child behavior and refuse to acknowledge any paranormal activity related to the object. They do not appear to have a name for the object, or if they do they do not discuss it with others. Their volatile nature makes it imperative that personnel restrict their contact with the castrati to the most basic of interactions, and that operators not attempt to gather more intelligence from the castrati. Continue to monitor the object's radio emissions, radioactive emissions, thermal emissions and any other emissions deemed necessary. Record this data.

The object itself appears to be sentient, or at least emotional. It will make various demands through the castrati, from literature to music, cloth to raw uranium ore. Its demands are always financially feasible, and easily met, but completely indiscernible. There is no apparent pattern. But when denied anything it desires, it can begin emitting dangerous levels of radiation for just less than two miles, and reaching temperatures of upwards of 450 degrees Celsius. Not until its demands are met will the artifact reduce its lethal emissions. It has been observed that assuaging the castrati has a direct effect on the "mood" of the artifact. Angering them does as well.

Also, the castrati should never be restrained, and encouraged to spend as much time awake and with the artifact as possible. This has a drastically marked effect on the emissions of the artifact, reducing the potentially lethal emissions to almost zero. As long as this equilibrium is maintained, the artifact is harmless. Otherwise, it will become highly dangerous to life on Earth.

The above is confirmed by current research.

The artifact has a singular ability, however, that has only been known to be activated when the artifact is approached by a human retaining their complete sex organs, and who still has normal levels of sex hormones. Immediately the artifact will begin generating a massive gravitational field, pinning everyone in the room to the ground. Within a few moments, however, the gravity will become so intense as to destroy anyone and anything in the room, destabilize the bunker, and cause seismic activity. The gravity field is known to be effective up to a three mile spherical area around the object, and have a force of 22 ''g''.

Attempts to provide the artifact with castrated non-virgins have also proven disastrous, as the artifact reacted extremely similarly. The only difference, however, is that none of the other volunteers present in the room at the time nor the room itself suffered ill effects; only the transgressor. But the transgressor's wounds were consistent with sudden exposure to extreme gravity.

It is speculated that if the object were to be in proximity to sensual expression, such as kissing or even copulation, that its capacity for destruction would be unimaginable.

Procedure 112.T Outline:



SCP-112 is no longer on Site 19. It has been removed by agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a violent attack on Site 19, directed at SCP-112. It was successfully taken by the foreign agents, and the former facilities for SCP-112 are now being used to contain SCP-███. Retrieval plans are currently under assessment. Also, the infiltration and leaking of these documents are now under investigation.

The rogue agent known as Bijhan is believed to be involved, though the nature and level of his involvement is currently unknown.

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