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An SCP-1115 drone at low altitude during signal transmission

Item #: SCP-1115

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No attempt to capture, intercept, or interfere with SCP-1115 is to be made until further notice. SCP-1115's movement is to be monitored by satellite at all times and by Foundation UAVs trailing at a distance of 50 km. Equatorial weather conditions are to be monitored and Mobile Task Force Upsilon-638 (Phoenix Nest) is to be placed on standby in the event of any phenomena which could result in a disruption of SCP-1115's route. All transmissions of SCP-1115-2 are to be recorded for analysis. In the event of any major deviation from SCP-1115's itinerary, Site 731 is to be evacuated and authorization is granted to execute Procedure Greenbriar at O5 discretion.

A Foundation front company, Space Communication Properties, has acquired licenses to test UAVs for communications purposes in airspace above the equator. Any sightings of SCP-1115 shall be attributed in the media as being prototypes of these UAVs.

In the event that any part of SCP-1115 ceases functioning, Phoenix Nest is to deploy and retrieve it as soon as possible, to be transferred to Site 731 for dismantling and storage. Recovered SCP-1115 artifacts are not to be exposed to any light more intense than 1000 lux.

Description: SCP-1115 currently consists of 87 toroidal unmanned aerial vehicles, approximately 1.2 meters in diameter, of unknown manufacture and origin. At all times since direct observation began in 19██, all SCP-1115 drones have been in flight at an average altitude of approximately 15 km above sea level, traveling due west above areas within 20 degrees latitude north or south of the equator, at an average speed of 1600 km/h. SCP-1115's speed is synchronized to the solar terminator.1 SCP-1115 maintains itself at a distance of approximately 45 degrees longitude east of the terminator, resulting in its remaining in a daylit part of the world at all times. SCP-1115 maintains this route at all times, completing a circuit of the globe every 24 hours, altering course only if its direct route is impeded by cloud cover or inclement weather. No SCP-1115 drone has been observed to enter a clouded area. The drones comprising SCP-1115, when not being interfered with by outside forces or moving to evade meteorological phenomena, fly in a pattern comprising several V-formations of the type displayed by migratory birds. The presence of several missing spots in each formation indicates that SCP-1115 initially consisted of at least ███ drones.

At approximately 0500 UTC each day, while SCP-1115 is overflying a region of the Sahara desert located at ██º██'██" N., ██º██'██" E., an individual SCP-1115 drone will descend to approximately 5,000 meters above surface level and transmit a radio signal, designated SCP-1115-2, before ascending and returning to its place in formation. SCP-1115-2 is an audio recording, between 41 and 46 seconds in length on all recorded instances, of a synthesized male voice, speaking a language not identified by the Foundation. A large portion of the recording remains the same in all recorded instances, while several other portions vary daily. SCP-1115-2 has occurred every day that SCP-1115 has been under observation except when cloud cover has made it impossible for an SCP-1115 drone to descend to the transmission zone. The intended recipient of SCP-1115-2 has not been identified; several Foundation surveys of the area have failed to locate any pre-existing radio antennae or artifacts similar to SCP-1115. For information regarding the history and translation of SCP-1115-2, refer to addenda.

To date, SCP-1115 has resisted any attempts to capture a drone while in flight. Individual SCP-1115 drones have demonstrated an ability to evade missile and cannon fire as well as ground-based anti-aircraft weapons and to disable pursuing aircraft by generating an electromagnetic pulse that SCP-1115 itself is not affected by. On ██/██/19██, an aircraft with shielded electronics was used to attempt to intercept an SCP-1115 drone. When the aircraft continued pursuit after the EMP was deployed, the drone responded by ramming the aircraft and detonating a miniaturized nuclear device installed within it, destroying itself and the aircraft, and producing a 5 kt airblast over the [REDACTED] where pursuit was occurring. Emergency aerial dispersal of Class-E amnestics in populated areas near [REDACTED] was conducted and Foundation media assets attributed the after-effects to forest fires. All further attempts to intercept SCP-1115 are preemptively denied.

In addition to the incident described above, three SCP-1115 drones have ceased functioning since observation began. Two of the three crashed into the Pacific Ocean after an unidentified failure resulted in their suddenly losing altitude; due to the depth of the crash regions the Foundation has deemed them unobtainable. The third, which crashed on land near [REDACTED] in north Africa in 1942, was not immediately obtainable due to ongoing military conflict in the region; surveys conducted after the war ended have failed to locate it and it is currently believed to have been buried entirely by shifting desert sands. The Foundation has acquired one intact SCP-1115 drone, designated SCP-1115-1, to date; for information on its history and findings regarding it, refer to addenda.


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