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Item #: SCP-1111

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A restricted zone has been established in a 2 km radius around SCP-1111-2; a public statement was released declaring it to be a weather monitoring station. Cameras are suspended from weather balloons, constantly monitoring the enclosure. Individuals may not come within 1km of SCP-1111-2 without explicit written permission from a level 4 researcher or higher. Should SCP-1111-1 move away from SCP-1111-2, all personnel are to evacuate the restricted zone until SCP-1111-1 returns to its position beneath SCP-1111-2.

Description: SCP-1111-1 is an entity with an appearance similar to that of Canis familiaris, commonly known as the domestic dog. The size of SCP-1111-1 varies with its distance from SCP-1111-2; directly beneath it, SCP-1111-1 is approximately 150 cm from ground to shoulders. The exact breed of SCP-1111-1 is unclear; it appears to be a mix, with traits of both a Labrador Retriever and a German Shepard clearly visible. SCP-1111-1 possesses a white coat and red eyes, both of which glow at luminosities directly proportional to its proximity to SCP-1111-2. At distances greater than 500 m from SCP-1111-2, SCP-1111-1 gradually becomes translucent. Additionally, SCP-1111-1's speed, strength, and agility all seem to be inversely proportional to its distance from SCP-1111-2.

A dog tag is affixed to a faded red collar around SCP-1111-1's neck. The tag reads:


Left alone, SCP-1111-1 lies down beneath SCP-1111-2. It does not appear to sleep, or, if it does, is able to do so with its eyes completely open. It does not eat, drink, or breathe.

Should SCP-1111-1 become aware of any person or object coming near SCP-1111-2, it will quickly become hostile and attempt to destroy the intruder. SCP-1111-1 has significantly increased physical abilities above a standard canine; video records show it running at speeds in excess of 60 km/hr, jumping 6 m into the air, and biting through 15 mm titanium plating. SCP-1111-1 appears to be incorporeal, and as such attempts to both neutralize it and examine SCP-1111-2 more closely have been met with failure. See Incident Log 1111-B for details.

SCP-1111-2 has the appearance of a man hanged by a noose from a tree. The subject wears a faded business suit and dress shoes; both are too worn to properly identify a manufacturer. SCP-1111-2 constantly jerks and twitches in a manner consistent with those of a man being hanged; occasionally gasps for breath can also be heard. The violence and energy of these jerks is directly proprotional to SCP-1111-1's proximity to SCP-1111-2; as the distance between the two increases, the jerks and twitches decrease in violence and frequency.

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