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Item #: SCP-111-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-111-J is restricted. The Foundation has circulated the cover story that the property is condemned due to severe hornet infestation. Any civilians found entering SCP-111-J's boundary are to be immediately incapacitated by SCP-111-J's patrolling agent. Testing of SCP-111-J requires permission from personnel of Level 4 Clearance or higher1.

Description: SCP-111-J is a suburban house located in [REDACTED], NY. SCP-111-J's anomalous properties manifest if a human being speaks certain words or phrases while located within its legal plot (extending from the fence line of the backyard to the sides of the front yard and the sidewalk).

When the following phrases are spoken, a malevolent being will appear near the speaker and begin attacking them. The nature of this entity may range from an unidentified male wearing a mask and carrying a bladed weapon to an incorporeal entity with the ability to affect physical objects seemingly at random:

  • "What noise?"
  • "I think we're safe."
  • "I'm gonna call 911."
  • "It's nice to be alone with you."
  • "Hello? Is there anybody there?"
  • "Ok, we made it out alive."

The neighbourhood surrounding SCP-111-J and SCP-111-J itself will experience severely adverse weather for an indefinite period of time when the following phrases are uttered. Following notice of these changes in weather, any radio or television placed within SCP-111-J will report that the weather as it is will continue for an extended amount of time (Generally 5 hours to 2 days):

  • "Look, you can leave any time."
  • "Let's get out of here."
  • "I'm catching the first plane out of here."
  • "We have to get out of here before they arrive."
  • "Well at least it can't get any worse."
  • "I hope he/she is okay out there…"

Apparently scandalous but previously undetected information involving the speaker will manifest when the following phrases are uttered. (E.G. A morally corrupt twin sibling of the speaker may arrive, the speaker may be a Soviet spy, etc.)

  • "No, you have to get over this. He's dead, _­_­_­_­_."
  • "I killed him."
  • "I've been keeping a secret from you."
  • "My name is actually Roderick."
  • "Leave and never come back!"
  • "I could never lie to you."
  • "Can you hear them?"
  • "Ever since the war I've never been the same…"

When the following phrases are spoken, [DATA EXPUNGED]

  • "Oh, that must be the pizza delivery boy."
  • "I didn't call for a plumber!"
  • "The job is yours, but I need a favour first…"
  • "And this is the bedroom."
  • "I'd like to broaden my horizons."

Addendum 111-J: SCP-111-J was originally discovered by the Foundation following the severe weather and violent murders that occurred throughout the neighbourhood on October 15 and 16 2001. Investigation into the residents of the household revealed that the husband apparently had been visited by his lost-at-sea uncle and transvestite mistress; while the wife was murdered by her ex-fiancee who had been wearing a distorted rabbit mask and had been stuck in the neighbourhood due to blizzard conditions.

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