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Photo taken shortly before SCP-1108's dissipation

Item #: SCP-1108

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The first recorded appearance of this phenomenon is dated 19██, filed in Foundation records as an Extranormal Event. However, at least ten repeat-occurrences have since been verified, precipitating numbered status and close observation.

Data recorded by surveilled meteorological centers will be transmitted to Research Sector-09 and should be consistently monitored for similarities to past data. Early signs of a recurrence of SCP-1108 must be promptly identified.1

Description: SCP-1108 is a meteorological phenomenon which has only been observed along the southeast coast of the United States, recurring most frequently along the east coast of Florida. Most observers at ground-level experience SCP-1108 as a heavy fog, with no evident anomalous properties.

However, from an elevation above or approaching 450 m the formation reveals a distinct shape. Based on aerial photographs and the surrounding ecosystem, this shape is best described as resembling Alligator mississippiensis, the American alligator.

In ideal conditions, the anomaly appears in enough detail for eyelids, teeth and individual scutes to be clearly identified. Aerial and even peripheral observation indicates that the vaporous mass even moves its "limbs", albeit slowly, mimicking the reptile's distinctive gait.

SCP-1108 most frequently appears a few hours before dawn, often emerging from an existing cloud-bank at a dew point and temperature consistent with fog formation. This "gator formation" will maintain its distinct size and shape for upwards of six hours. During this six hour period, SCP-1108 traverses an area of approximately 50 km length, always toward the bordering Atlantic. The form appears to gradually dissipate into the atmosphere.

The effects on the local ecosystem do not become apparent until after the formation's departure. These apparent influences have so far included an irregular rise in fresh water levels and an abnormal displacement of local wildlife.

Specifically, in areas directly overshadowed by SCP-1108's passage, adult Alligator mississippiensis have been found congregating in the dozens. The infestations occur far from areas highly populated by the native reptile, which appear in greatest numbers on private property and suburban developments, favoring swimming pools.

The lack of data from prior occurrences makes it difficult to predict whether the size, range, and extent of the phenomenon's influence have remained stable, or increased over time. Recorded appearances so far follow a regular interval, occurring up to three times every two years; always preceding the "wet season" of June-September. (see Addenda)

Addendum 7/1/██ As of 6/21/██, SCP-1108 has made two consecutive appearances. Only the second was accompanied by an influx of Alligator mississippiensis; however, the rise in water levels mandated flood-evacuation in two counties. The extent of possible infestation of Alligator mississippiensis in flooded areas cannot be determined, at this time.

Addendum 7/9/██: During the most recent occurrence, field researchers reported a previously unrecorded phenomenon— described as "a series of low, drawn-out rumbles", which were sustained over several hours.

Radiometric measurements taken during the course of these observations do not indicate temperature changes conducive to creating lightning. However, the subsequent recordings do bear a striking resemblance to the male alligator's bellow.

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