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Item #: SCP-1090

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The item is currently kept in a generic headphone case and can be safely stored alongside similarly contained items. Storage near non-anomalous listening-devices is not recommended. The item may only be removed for approved testing.

Description: SCP-1090 has the appearance of a set of cordless headphones. Two irregularly shaped, highly polished stones (superficially resembling black basalt) are attached in place of conventional earpieces. The headband is white, with flexible joints allowing for size adjustment. A blue dot marked with a white "L" and a red dot marked with a white "R" are visible on the swivel joints at either end, presumably indicating "left" and "right".

It is unclear how the stones have been fused to the rest of the device, and both headband and earpieces have proven resistant to conventional cutting tools. Results from radiography of the object have been inconclusive.

When a subject places SCP-1090 over the ears in the fashion of conventional headphones, they report hearing music or distinctive sounds. This "music" ranges from simple melodies to paranormal auditory experiences. The device has no anomalous effect on individuals who simply touch or handle it; reports indicate that the stones remain oddly cool to the touch.

Testing suggests that the longer an individual is exposed to SCP-1090, the more unusual and lasting the psychological and sensory after-effects. The upper-limit of exposure before permanent psychological and sensory damage has yet to be determined; new researchers are cautioned to increase the time of exposure by no more than seconds (see Dr. Rhys for a proposed algorithm).

As the sounds reported are so far unique to the subject wearing the device, researchers are encouraged to review Experiment Logs Series 1 for details.

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