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Item #: SCP-1090

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The item is currently housed at Site 561. It is kept in a padded case and can be safely stored alongside similarly contained items.

Description: SCP-1090 has the appearance of a set of cordless headphones with two polished, black basalt stones as earpieces. The headband is white plastic, with flexible joints allowing for size adjustment. A blue dot marked with a white "L" and a red dot marked with a white "R" are visible on the swivel joints at either end.

It is unclear how the stones have been fused to the rest of the device. Results from radiography of the object have been inconclusive.

Any subject who wears SCP-1090 in the manner of conventional headphones will experience an anomalous auditory sensation. These sensations appear to be unique to the listener. The device has no effect on individuals who simply hold or handle it, although the stones have been reported to remain oddly cool to the touch.

It is probable that the longer an individual is exposed to SCP-1090, the more unusual and lasting its effect becomes, but this has not been conclusively demonstrated. Site 561 no longer participates in testing with human subjects or uses the class designation "D" for onsite personnel. See archived Experiment Logs for more details.

Experiment Logs 1090
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