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A historical image of Pagosa Springs prior to its founding. SCP-1075-1 appears in the upper-right of the photograph.

Item #: SCP-1075

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Adjunct Site 13 is to be utilized for direct monitoring of SCP-1075-1. The property containing SCP-1075-1 has been purchased by Southern Crosscut Pines. The property is to be surrounded by fencing to prevent unauthorized entry. Foundation agents located in Adjunct Site 13 are to patrol the fenced perimeter regularly for unauthorized individuals. Any unauthorized individuals are to be removed from the property immediately.

Under no circumstances are individual trees considered part of SCP-1075-1 by local residents to be damaged by Foundation activities.

Mobile Task Force Theta-29 "Michael Palins" are to be utilized to manipulate public opinion of SCP-1075-1 in the local community. See Document Lambda-4 for more details.

Description: SCP-1075 is an anomalous psychological effect which is extant among permanent residents of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Those subject to SCP-1075's effect believe a clonal colony of 493 trees belonging to the species Populus tremuloides (and which are designated SCP-1075-1) is a human resident of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. SCP-1075-1, referred to by local residents as "Vince", does not appear to, itself, be anomalous.

SCP-1075-1 was, prior to Foundation intervention, believed by sufferers of SCP-1075 to be a well respected member of the Pagosa Springs community. It was listed as a member of the town council, considered active in local charitable organizations, and a focus of romantic interest for several female and at least one male resident. Due to Foundation efforts (outlined in Document Lambda-4) newly formed anomalous memories of SCP-1075-1 appear to be focused on avoidance of the individual.

Those suffering from the effects of SCP-1075 are unable to be swayed from the belief that SCP-1075-1 is a human individual. The majority of long time residents are able to recall detailed and intricate memories relating to interactions with SCP-1075-1. Furthermore, the county registrar's office, along with several other local organizations, have several official documents on file relating to SCP-1075-1. The following is a list of pertinent extant documents.

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