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Item #: SCP-1071

Classification: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1071-1 and -2 are to be kept in separate containment lockers in Site ██'s storage, with access allowed by level 3 or higher permission. The contents of all instances of SCP-1071-3 are to be cataloged and kept in the archives for future reference. It should be noted that it is possible that not all instances of SCP-1071 have been contained, and that some may still be in circulation. During the school year, SAT Testing should be monitored to detect possible instances of SCP-1071.

Unless part of an experiment, all Test Takers who receive a "fail" result are to be put in isolation in order to prevent any repeats of Incident 1071-15. Test Takers with this result should be considered a minor cognitohazard, and any aggressive action taken against them should be reported to Dr. ███████. If test taker is D Class, they may be exempt from retirement for no more than five (5) weeks in order to study effects. It should also be noted that any attempt at causing grievous bodily harm to a Test Taker will result in a reprimand, regardless of security clearance or position.

Description: SCP-1071 is the collective name for the answer sheets (SCP-1071-1) and the test booklets (SCP-1071-2) from the SAT Reasoning Test. When not being used, SCP-1071-1 and -2 are ordinary SAT testing materials distributed from the year 20██-20██ as of time of writing. Reading through them without meeting the activation criteria shows that the questions consist of several mathematics, literature, history, science, and language questions, as expected. There are currently ████ instances of SCP-1071 in storage at Site ██.

SCP-1071 is activated when an instance of SCP-1071-1 and -2 are brought together, and the subject's name is inscribed upon the exterior of the booklets with a #2 pencil. Regardless of current educational status, the Test Taker will take SCP-1071 as if it were an actual SAT Reasoning Test. The subject can leave at any time, but doing so before completion of at least 60% of the test and/or expiration of the testing period (determined to be three hours and thirty minutes) results in a failing grade. Attempts to observe the contents of SCP-1071-1 and -2 during the duration of the test are futile; the paper appears to be a normal SAT Reasoning Test to outside observers. After the test is completed, however, no results can be viewed on the answer sheet; in addition, the Test Taker cannot remember the contents of SCP-1071, even under hypnosis. They will, however, consistently mention that the essay question was the easiest part of the test.

Approximately three (3) weeks after completion of the test, an envelope (designated SCP-1071-3) will appear in the Test Taker's current place of residence, regardless of whether or not there is a mailbox, or even a mail delivery service, available. SCP-1071-3 will contain the results of SCP-1071; however, results will only have anomalous effects if opened by the addressee. It should be noted that the results refer to SCP-1071 as the "Improvement Test", rather than the SAT Reasoning Test. The results of this test are not consistent with the scoring system for the SAT; instead of being calculated in a numeric value up to 2400, the results instead take the form of a form letter. The form letter informs the the Test Taker of one of two results: they either scored proficiently on the test, which produces no results, or they have failed the test.

Test Takers who receive the "fail" become the subject of passive-aggressive tendencies from other human beings. Subjects who have "failed" SCP-1071 have reported relationships failing, being fired from several consecutive jobs, having neighbors file petty complaints against them, and an increase in suspicion from law enforcement and government workers. Test Takers also report an increase in technology failing and incidents of animal aggressiveness. As time progresses, these tendencies become more and more harmful to the Test Taker, escalating from various verbal slurs to assault, and finally to sexual crimes and attempted murder. Death of the Test Taker immediately ends all aggressive actions, often leaving the tormentors feeling remorse for their actions.

However, in ███ recorded instances, SCP-1071-3 has come back without containing standard results; instead, it contains a slip of paper with the words "Congratulations. You've passed. We'll come to collect you soon," written on it. Within 24-48 hours of receiving this result, the Test Taker will experience feelings of euphoria and contentment. At 72 hours after receiving results, the Test Taker will disappear when unobserved. It should be noted that this is not a total disappearance; items such as clothing, jewelry, dental fillings, and tracking devices will be left behind. As such, the whereabouts of Test Takers who receive a "pass" result are currently unknown, but theories include [DATA EXPUNGED].

Incident 1071-15: D-58921 was selected for exemption from retirement after receiving a "fail" result from SCP-1071 in order to study the detrimental effects. D-58921 has scored 92 (below average) on a standard IQ test and has a history of self-esteem issues, a factor which led to their imprisonment and eventually employment as D-Class. Four weeks after the result was received, D-58921 attempted to ingest rat poison collected from the D-Class kitchen. The following interview was conducted by Dr. ███████, with Agent ████ supervising.

>Begin Log<

Dr. ███████: D-58921, why did you try to poison yourself?

D-58921: (unintelligible) calling me now? I don't suppose I deserve a name; everyone here says as much.

Dr. ███████: What do you mean?

D-58921: Ever since the test… people have been hating me… not my fault… test was too hard…(unintelligible) was it? I can't…

Dr. ███████: What was on the test, D-58921?

D-58921: Questions, questions, questions… uh… I… I don't know… I can't remember…

Dr. ███████: What do you mean you don't know? Of course you don't know. You stupid fuck. Worthless fucking D-Class.

D-58921: What the- why are you- oh geez. Not you. Not you, doc. I thought that you would… I thought… you wouldn't do this…

Dr. ███████: For the love of- listen, you little pile of shit. Either you man the fuck up, or you are going to get terminated on the spot!

D-58921: (Sobbing)

Dr. ███████: Listen, you son of a bitch. I'm going to count to three. If you don't stop this baby-ass behavior, I am going to go out there, find your wife and kids, and [DATA EXPUNGED]

D-58921: No! Please! You said you'd let me see them again if I took that test!

Agent █████: Shut the fuck up, you fucking pussy. That was a fucking lie. You're worthless! Your wife and kids hate you! You don't deserve to see them! You don't even deserve to live!

D-58921: Stop it. Please. I'll do whatever you want, just stop!

Agent █████: Alright then. You know what I want from you?

D-58921: What? I'll do anything, please, just-

Agent █████: I want you to die, you [EXPUNGED] fuck!


Dr. ███████: Jesus Christ! What the hell was that for?!

Agent █████: I… don't know… he just… I… he said he… oh God…
>End Log<

Dr. ███████ and Agent █████ were reprimanded for their conduct during the interview.

Note: I have no idea what the hell came over me. I just lost my temper! I didn't know what I was saying! Requesting to upgrade to Euclid immediately. -Dr. ███████

It seems as if we have all instances of SCP-1071 in containment, and they can all be safely kept in a storage locker. Nobody HAS to take SCP-1071. Request denied. -O5-█.

Incident 1071-17: Reports of anomalous SAT Reasoning Tests came in from the town of [REDACTED]. As it was possible that these were uncontained instances of SCP-1071, agents were dispatched to attempt to collect the tests. Agents failed in acquisition of over ███ instances of SCP-1071-1 and -2, but were able to intercept all results. Items were confirmed as SCP-1071-3, and were made up of ███ "proficient" results, ██ "fail" results and █ "pass" results. All items were archived and are considered neutralized. It should be noted that [REDACTED] has one of the lowest performing school systems in the United States. Students were allowed to re-take a proper SAT Reasoning Test at a later date.

If this doesn't qualify it for Euclid status, I don't know what does! It's popping up outside the facility, and it's targeting low-performing school systems! If the Agents hadn't gotten the results, we'd have a lot of messed-up kids on our hands right now. I am re-submitting my request to upgrade to Euclid, or at the very least, set up monitoring of schools participating in the SAT. -Dr. ███████.

Both requests approved. Euclid status recognized, and all schools participating in the SAT test are to be monitored for reports of behavior consistent with SCP-1071 activation. -O5-█.

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