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Item #: SCP-1057

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1057 is kept in a reinforced glass containment tank 4 meters tall, 15 meters long, and 9 meters wide, filled with water which has been treated to replicate a temperate ocean environment (see document 1057-H-22 for specifications). Vegetation in SCP-1057's habitat is to be maintained twice a week (see document 1057-H-19 for specifications). It is forbidden to enter SCP-1057's tank for 30 minutes before and after feedings.

SCP-1057 is to be fed five (5) kg of raw meat and fish, three (3) times a day. Once every four (4) days, this meat and fish is to be injected with non-toxic fluorescent dyes (see document 1057-G-4 for specifications). The tank is to be lit with ultraviolet lamps.

Description: SCP-1057 is an animate empty space, five (5) meters long, in the shape of an adult tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier). It does not appear to have any mass; however, it displaces water by an unknown mechanism. SCP-1057's refractive index is approximately that of air, which makes it partially visible when immersed in salt water; as well, its "anti-shadow" is discernible under bright light. Experiments involving the insertion of inanimate objects into SCP-1057's "body" have revealed that there is nothing there; however, further experiments along these lines are contraindicated, as this triggers extremely aggressive behavior on the part of SCP-1057.

SCP-1057's behavior has been assessed by Foundation ichthyologists as being within normal parameters for an adult tiger shark. Any food consumed by SCP-1057 disappears, with the exception of the non-digestible fluorescent dyes which are regularly added to SCP-1057's food to facilitate monitoring its behavior. These dyes persist within SCP-1057 for five to nine days, and outline a digestive and circulatory system; several hypotheses to explain how this is possible when there is manifestly no actual shark present have been suggested, tested, and disproved (see archive 1057-N4).

Acquisition log: SCP-1057 was captured in the █████████ Public Swimming Pool, in [REDACTED], where it killed two swimmers and mutilated a lifeguard; five people were killed in the ensuing panic. Foundation personnel embedded in the local hospital reported the incident; retrieval agents arrived on the scene and SCP-1057 was eventually taken into custody. During forensic examination of the swimming pool premises, Document 1057-K24 was discovered on the staff bulletin board; although Document 1057-K24 is handwritten, no fingerprints were found on it.

Document 1057-K24:

Panic means that the idea of a shark can be more dangerous than an actual shark.

It can even be more dangerous than no shark at all.

Are we cool yet?

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