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Item #: SCP-1055

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-1055 is an infohazard. Information in this document is presented strictly on a need-to-know basis for containment personnel. Accessing additional information requires Level 5 approval and accepts the risk of creating a containment breach.

SCP-1055's living quarters are accessible via subterranean monorail from Site-77. Two personnel responsible for providing care to SCP-1055 are to be rotated in every eight hours for 24-hour observation. SCP-1055's living quarters contain a playroom with television, futon and sound system, a washroom, a library stocked with children's books, and a kitchen. Staff are encouraged to provide any meal which SCP-1055 asks for within appropriate nutritional guidelines. If current supplies do not meet requirements, substitutions of pasta or sugary cereals are commonly accepted.

SCP-1055 will fixate upon a random object (currently a teddy bear referred to as "Bugsy") and clutch it tightly at all times. Staff must allow and encourage this behavior, even during bathing and feeding. SCP-1055 may vocalize unhappiness or deliver warnings on behalf of this object; any requests concerning this object must be met by all possible means available.

Containment of SCP-1055 depends primarily on both its isolation and positive social attitude. In the event of catastrophe, staff are to evacuate and flood the living quarters with nitrous oxide. Under no circumstances is any physical harm to be done to SCP-1055, even and especially if it becomes hostile.

Level 4 personnel who oversee containment of SCP-1055 are not allowed within 50 km of Site-77 nor may they directly interact with any personnel tasked with its maintenance.

Description: SCP-1055 is formerly Michael Schroder of Douglas, WY. He is a Caucasian male, 6 foot 4 inches tall and 280 pounds, 29 years of age, and suffers from autistic spectrum disorder and Down syndrome. SCP-1055 may be addressed as 1055, "Mikey" or any nickname which he suggests. Despite classification as an anomaly, staff are encouraged to address SCP-1055 with normal social pronouns in documentation and conversation.


Addendum: Containment procedures adapted from captured GOI intelligence. The GOI was unsuccessfully researching attempts to destroy SCP-1055 which led to its escape and subsequent [DATA EXPUNGED].

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