SCP-1049-J Extended Test Logs
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Testing Log

Log Format
**Test Author:**
**Notes:** (If applicable)

Secondary Testing Phase
Objects tested by Agent "Mister" Bibs

Object: Beretta 92FS (9 mm handgun). Weight is 951 grams (34 oz). Unloaded.
Result: Gun has increased in size and weight, now weighing approximately 2 kg (4.4 lbs). The gun is no longer capable of firing 9mm bullets, owing to its expanded barrel diameter of 2.5 cm (approximately 1 inch). Firing pin is in the shape of a human skull.
Notes: "Is this thing still a pistol? A shotgun? I'd call it a hand cannon, myself, but I know a few people will go into conniption fits over the term." - MrB

Object: AR-15 (Semi-automatic rifle). Weight is 3.9 kg (8.5 lbs). Loaded with 5.56 NATO rounds.
Result: As with previous test, gun shows increase in size and weight, weighing 7 kg (15.4 lbs). Steel rod bayonet, 45cm long, is attached. Barrel fires bullets 15 cm long (6 in) and 2.5 cm wide (1 in), which explode on contact with a target.
Notes: "As of this test, Bibs is not allowed to operate firearms, modified or not, on Foundation property." O5-█

Object: A computer printout, listing the differences and standard containment protocols for Safe, Euclid, and Keter-class SCPs.
Result: A computer printout listing how to 'process' Safe, Euclid, and Keter-class SCPs. Safe SCPs are to be utilized in ways that allow their abilities to benefit the Foundation. Keter SCPs are to be deployed as weapons against Foundation enemies. Euclid ones are to be destroyed.
Notes: "It's like the Foundation got drunk, hooked up with the GOC, had a kid, then locked it in a closet until it was 18. Jesus wept." - MrB

Tertiary Testing Phase
Objects tested by other Foundation personnel

Test Author: Dr. Aeish
Object: One (1) Landrover, painted in standard Foundation field operation colours.
Result: Vehicle appears to be powered mainly by crude oil, and several pipes that appear to have the sole purpose of venting thick black smoke are also found. Paint colour appears to have changed to red. Structure of vehicle appears to mainly be of riveted iron plating, with several large weld seams visible. Tyres altered from common vulcanised rubber to metallic treads.

Test Author: Dr. Welter
Object: D-83394, a 35-year-old Caucasian male, temporarily promoted to Provisional Overseer O5-99 for experimental purposes.
Result: P-O5-99 ages visibly by an estimated fifty years, gaining a markedly gaunt appearance and hunched stature. Eyes appear sunken. Ordinary Class D garb changes form and colour, becoming a hooded black cape. P-O5-99 immediately calls for security personnel: when none are forthcoming, he attempts to attack research personnel with invisible projections from his fingers. When no effect occurs, P-O5-99 withdraws into the corner of the room, uttering ominous threats regarding humanity's future and promising the execution of all present. Subject demoted and tentatively returned to duties.
Notes: Jeez, I hope this means nothing bad. -O5-██

Test Author: Dr. King
Object: A WWII German Army flamethrower.
Result: Flamethrower dissolves into one thousand two hundred (1200) black, spike-covered apple seeds
Notes: Dr. King removed by medical personnel.

Test Author: Dr. Edison
Object:One (1) plastic figurine from the Warhammer 40K series, identified as a "Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord", borrowed from Dr. Clef's office.
Result: Figurine is now built of an extremely dense metal of unknown construction. No physical change to the figurine itself, although observers feel hesitant to touch the object for reasons they can't define.
Note: Dr. Edison last seen on the next transport to Site-██.

Incident Report - ██/██/████
On ██/██/████, the miniature from the above test was accidentally used in a match at a local G████ W███████ store. Upon introduction to the playing field, the store clerk had an apparent seizure. While medical help arrived, clerk was heard to mutter nonsensical sentences such as "But metal can't be worth more than plastic" and "That's not in the rules!". After Foundation cleanup of the scene, the rest of the army which had contacted the piece had also turned into a similar metal. Request for SCP status pending, location of Incident does not warrant future surveillance.

Test Author: Dr. Welter
Object: [REDACTED]

Test Author: Dr. Kensington
Object: One (1) SLR, one (1) canister of film (unexposed) - Film is placed inside the camera and set up appropriately.
Result: Camera is dull gray in appearance, constructed of iron with Christian symbols etched crudely onto the surface. Images taken with the camera are monochrome, with the exception of red tones.
Notes: A similar effect was found using a digital SLR.

Test Author: Dr. Zara
Object: One (1) steel hunting knife
Result: Blade sides carved with a representation of a woman's face, crying dark tears. Blade's edge is notched with hook shapes, making removal from a thrust wound more traumatic. Handle is now of black metal, covered with sharp spikes in such a way that it is impossible to wield the knife effectively without the wielder damaging their own hand.

Test Author: Agent Henderson
Object: One (1) SCP-1550 egg removed from its plastic casing.
Result: SCP-1550 specimen possessed enlarged and sharpened teeth compared to other specimens. A spiny, grey and segmented exoskeleton covered its back although legs remained uncovered. Temperament was highly aggressive, attacked Agent Henderson [DATA EXPUNGED] shot repeatedly before expiring.
Notes: Agent Henderson expected to make a full recovery.

Test Author: Dr. Henry
Object: One (1) fertile queen wasp (Vespula Vulgaris), 4cm in size.
Result: Coloration of specimen changed from standard yellow/black to red/black. Abdomen has developed multiple biologically-usable stingers. Specimen is much more aggressive, and is capable of stripping metal and concrete in addition to wood in order to build a nest. Specimen is twice original size.
Notes: I happen to have a intense fear of wasp as it was; now I have to take psychiatric counseling for the next three years, thanks to repeated nightmares -Dr.H

Test Author: Dr. Does Little
Object: One (1) standard avocado
Result: Coloration changed from light green to red. When tested for consumption on Class D personnel, subject noted it tasted bitter. Subject then began foaming at the mouth and attacked Dr. Does Little before being shot at in retaliation. Examination of subjects cadaver showed that had contracted a more hazardous strain of rabies.
Notes: I have never been so horrified of avocados before in my entire life - Dr. Does Little

Test Author: Dr. Auteaux
Object: One (1) figurine of the character "Homestar Runner" from the titular web series.
Result: A figurine of "H. Star" from the April Fools' episode "Xeriouxly Forxe" of the aforementioned show, noted to be a parody of "edgy" reboots of cartoons.

Test Author: Dr. Auteaux
Object: Same as above.
Result: Same as above.
Notes: I'm used to 914, so this was a surprise.

Test Author: Dr. Auteaux
Object: Same as above.
Result: Same as above.
Notes: Scientific rigor has to be upheld, though I'm not risking my 4th Homestar for testing. It's the last one I have, aside from the one I hot glued a mustache onto.

Test Author: Dr. Natalie
Object: Same as above.
Result: An identical Homestar Runner figurine to the input, although made of iron and worn down.
Notes: Sorry, I spilled some. -Natalie
What. -Auteaux

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