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Reproduction of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", after 2 mL of SCP-1049-J

Item #: SCP-1049-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Given its unique object-altering properties, SCP-1049-J is to be kept in its custom container, a 19 L (5 gallon) black plastic bucket, with the top securely fastened to it. The bucket itself is stored in Dr. █████'s office.

Description: SCP-1049-J is a black fluid of unknown origin and chemical makeup. Its consistency is similar to that of a cornstarch and water mixture, but slightly thinner and does not exhibit the same non-Newtonian properties. Approximately half of those exposed to SCP-1049-J report a slightly soot-like smell, which smells stronger when stirred or applied to other objects.

Given enough time, SCP-1049-J will 'regenerate' enough to fill any container it is placed in. Please note, however, that only the plastic bucket SCP-1049-J was discovered in is immune to its property-altering effects.

SCP-1049-J was discovered in 19██. Foundation officials believed that the sudden popularity of [DATA EXPUNGED] had a memetic origin. After raiding the offices in which [DATA EXPUNGED] was created, SCP-1049-J was discovered in a black, unmarked1 plastic bucket. Unfortunately for the Foundation, trace amounts of SCP-1049-J have been detected in other media for ██ years following SCP-1049-J's containment, leading to speculation that other sources of SCP-1049-J exist elsewhere. As of 20██, attempts to find other sources of SCP-1049-J have proved fruitless.

When SCP-1049-J is applied to any object (usually with a brush or paint roller), the object will change within 10 minutes. Complete coverage of the object being tested is not required for transformation, for SCP-1049-J will briefly 'shimmer' once enough has been placed on an object. Depending on the size and nature of the object SCP-1049-J is applied to, the transformation can range from subtle to drastic.

While the specifics of SCP-1049-J inspired transformation are entirely dependent on the item being altered, a few commonalities tend to exist. Objects appear more dangerous to use, or look to be constructed out of less precise methods. Iconography is more common, notably human skulls. Objects may look as though they have been unmaintained, as well. Humans exposed to SCP-1049-J suffer severe emotional changes and, at times, biological changes as well.

Initial Testing Logs

Test Author: Dr. █████
Object: Paint roller
Result: Paint roller, formerly made of light plastic, looks to be constructed out of wrought iron, with expected weight increase. Handle, formerly rubber designed for ease of use, is now a simple steel handle with leather wrapped around it. A small skull can be found on the underside of the handle.
Notes: "Looks like we're going to need a lot of those paint rollers." - Dr. █████

Test Author: Dr. █████
Object: One (1) side of Examination Room #234343. Approximately 2 m tall and 4 m wide. Core of wall is reinforced concrete, with a 10 cm 'skin' of polished stainless steel.
Result: Stainless steel 'skin' of wall altered into large blocks of iron, with massive steel bolts in the corners to attach them to each other. Signs of significant rusting, with three (3) locations of the internal reinforcement bursting out through the iron. 3 cm spikes dot the borders.
Notes: "I think I got tetanus just looking at this thing, to be honest with you." - Dr. █████

Test Author: Dr. █████████
Object: One (1) Bible, King James Edition
Result: Old and New Testaments have been significantly altered2, although the New Testament is much more significantly changed. Jesus is still sent as God's only son on a mission of redemption, but is much more proactive in action, eliminating those who oppose Him in elaborate, violent ways. Notable alterations include the sack of ███, and near-complete [DATA EXPUNGED].
Notes: "Burn this now, and pray to God that You-Know-Who doesn't get their hands on this." - Dr. █████████

Test Author: Dr. ███
Object: SCP-2558-J-█, aka "Muffins"
Notes: "I formally recommend we find a way to destroy SCP-1049-J." - Dr. ███

Test Author: Dr. ████████
Object: D-43134, 55-year-old African male. Crimes: Petty theft, arson. SCP-1049-J ingested orally in a water/SCP-1049-J solution.
Result: No outwardly visible effects, but subject experienced a significant burning sensation. Autopsy revealed extreme modification to the subject's digestive system. Dr. ████████████████, gastroenterologist by training, believes that subject could have consumed and digested objects such as metal, rock, and some [DATA EXPUNGED] to no ill effect.
Notes: "When I grabbed Four Three One Three Four, the other Ds around called him 'Goat' for his ability to eat the slop we give them without retching." - Dr. ████████

Test Author: Dr. █████
Object: D-89003, 26-year-old Caucasian male. Crimes: Fraud, embezzlement. SCP-1049-J injected intramuscularly.
Result: D-89003 appears to age approximately ██ years and gains an estimated ██ kg in weight. Claims to have significant connections to both organized crime and the legal system, and is convinced he will be able to escape Foundation containment at any time he wishes.
Notes: "So, not much difference, I suppose." - Dr. █████

Test Author: Dr. ███████
Object: D-2334, 36-year-old Caucasian male. Crimes: Murder, rape, attempted murder. SCP-1049-J injected intramuscularly.
Result: D-2334 gains extreme amounts of muscle mass in chest, arms, and legs. No change to torso. Subject acts violently, and attempts to escape confinement. Within moments, however, subject expires, possibly as a result of the Square Cube Law.
Notes: "You know, I think a dozen or so years ago, I could have looked up to that… thing." - Dr. ███████

Addendum: As of ██/██/20██, Dr. █████ has allowed SCP-1049-J to be tested by other Foundation officials. Please see SCP-1049-J Extended Test Logs.

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