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Item #: SCP-1040-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Plan 1040-Omega is to be implemented as soon as possible by way of Foundation front Society of Concerned Parents. After implementation, it is to remain in effect perpetually.

Description: SCP-1040-J is an effect, first documented in 1998,1 that has spread in scope from the early 20th Century onwards to now affect the vast majority of adult humans in the United States.

Subjects under the influence of SCP-1040-J are beholden to a complex internal logic that, to this date, has defied all attempts at analysis. They will repeatedly display behavior harmful to themselves and others, the scope and severity of which constitutes a Keter-level threat. Left unchecked, SCP-1040-J has the potential to cause an AK-class end-of-civilization scenario.

Further characterization of SCP-1040-J is ongoing.

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