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Item #: SCP-1033

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1033 is to be held in a 15m by 5m standard cell, lined with 5m thick lead plating. Personnel entering SCP-1033's chamber must wear approved Level A hazmat suits. If SCP-1033's routine changes or if SCP-1033 attempts to escape, the two guards stationed outside SCP-1033's chamber are to be reinforced with eight more, all armed with Containment Kit 4-MK3 (consisting of a SCAR-L assault rifle with underbarrel net launcher, two (2) flashbang grenades and one (1) M67 fragmentation grenade).

Description: SCP-1033 is a middle-aged Caucasian male, approximately 193 centimetres, or six feet and four inches tall. SCP-1033 was discovered in New York, having, according to several witnesses, "materialised in the middle of the road". Interviews with witnesses found that people in the area experienced a vision-encompassing white flash, accompanied by hearing a two-second burst of static from all directions. Witnesses were administered a Class A amnestic after the completion of the interview, followed by a media blackout regarding the incident.

Upon initial inspection at the site of materialisation, Foundation researchers found that SCP-1033 was emitting well over the instantaneous lethal dose rate limit of high-energy gamma, neutron, and x radiation at approximately 15,000Sv/hr. SCP-1033 was initially contained within a shipping container surrounded by lead bricks, which was placed in his path. SCP-1033 was subsequently moved to Storage site K█, where he now resides.

In all physical aspects, SCP-1033 is an unremarkable, balding middle aged male. He is dressed in a business suit and carrying a briefcase. SCP-1033's behaviour is cyclic, with each cycle beginning approximately every 33 seconds. The following timeline is a transcription of that routine.

0 - 10 seconds: SCP-1033 walks thirty paces forward, glancing at his watch approximately every ten steps.
10 - 15 seconds: SCP-1033 stops, kneels, and opens his briefcase. Inside the briefcase is a single envelope, marked with an unknown seal and a prepaid █████ brand mobile phone, capable of sending and receiving text messages and calls. SCP-1033 opens the envelope and pulls out a sheet of paper, marked with the words "Cable: asymmetric cipher, 0uuT5LmoO22 lets ruffle feathers".
15 - 21 seconds: SCP-1033 types "0uuT5LmoO22" in a text message to the Australian mobile phone number 0404 ███ ███. Investigation shows that this number has yet to be assigned to any mobile phone. At 21 seconds in, SCP-1033 sends the message, puts the phone and letter back in his briefcase.
21 - 28 seconds SCP-1033 is observed looking in to the 'distance', regardless of what is actually in front of him. At 25 seconds in, SCP-1033 starts to chuckle quietly, having apparently spotted what he was looking for on the horizon.
28 - 33 seconds: At 28 seconds, SCP-1033 is blown backwards 3 metres and is observed writhing on the ground, screaming in apparent agony. Flesh is seen being stripped off and flying behind SCP-1033, as other parts of him disintegrate. The injuries SCP-1033 sustains correspond with that of a victim of a 1.5 megaton nuclear device being detonated in close proximity.

After completion of this routine, SCP-1033 immediately reappears at the start of his routine in mid-step and begins the cycle again. If an object, human or animal stands in the path of SCP-1033, he will make no attempt to stop, and will continue his cycle, pushing whatever obstacle in his way along with him.

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