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Item #: SCP-1026-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1026-J is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. Personnel tasked with studies of SCP-1026-J do not need specialized equipment, as SCP-1026-J is easily subdued when not cooperative. Personnel are recommended to avoid referring to SCP-1026-J by any name to avoid passive-aggressive verbal hostilities, and the potential for SCP-1026-J's aggression to cascade to SCP-118-J levels.

Description: SCP-1026-J is a vaguely humanoid entity with anomalous properties that appear to affect memories and information regarding its appearance. Its antimemetic properties manifest primarily around its preferred name, which is apparently impossible to remember. Subjects who converse with SCP-1026-J believe to know its name, and will often refer to it by this name in conversation, though this name is usually incorrect and often frustrates attempts to communicate with SCP-1026-J, as it will complain whenever someone gets its name wrong. Written and digitally recorded information regarding SCP-1026-J's specific appearance and name is usually corrupted or accidentally destroyed, making it as-of-yet impossible to complete a full description of SCP-1026-J.

Addendum 1:

Interview log 1026-J-1:

Dr. Dediscos: Could you tell me your preferred name, for our records?


Dr. Dediscos: Thank you, Bob. Now can you-

SCP-1026-J: No, it's not Bob, it's [DATA LOST]!

Dr. Dediscos: Alright, Larry. So, wh-

SCP-1026-J: For goddsake, my name is [indecipherable]! It's not even an unusual name!

Dr. Dediscos: Would you mind writing that down?

SCP-1026-J writes name on paper and hands it to Dr. Dediscos.

Dr. Dediscos: Oh. It's just [DATA EXPUNGED]? That is a pretty common name. Now, Fred, could you-


Endnote: The paper SCP-1026-J's name had been written on was accidentally incinerated after it was mistakenly filed with documents set aside for destruction.

Interview Log 1026-J-2:

Dr. Francis: It appears you've been uncooperative in interviews, SCP-1026-J. Would you care to explai-

SCP-1026-J: What? That's not even a name, it's just some numbers and letters! You guys aren't even trying!

Dr. Francis: Sir, I'm gonna need you to-

SCP-1026-J: Fine, if you people can't be bothered to remember a name like [DATA LOST], then just call me Dr. [REDACTED]! Maybe you people won't forget THAT one!

Dr. Francis: While a pseudonym like Dr. [REDACTED] might work in causal conversation, I'm afraid that I'm going to need your real name, SCPeter.

SCP-1026-J: What the hell is wrong with you people?

Addendum 2:

Testing log 1026-J-1:
Subject: Dr. Dedisco
Procedure: After interviewing SCP-1026-J, Dr. Dedisco was asked to describe SCP-1026-J's visual appearance to other researchers.


Dr. Dedisco: "Well, he was standardish I guess. He had two legs, two arms, two hands…"

Dr. Waterstradt: "Two eyes?"

Dr. Dedisco: "No I don't think so. But he was pretty average looking. Two eyes, arms, legs."

Dr. Waterstradt: "You just said he didn't have two eyes."

Dr. Dedisco: "Oh, I think I meant ears."

Dr. Waterstradt: "How many ears does he have?"

Dr. Dedisco: "I think his hair was covering them."

Dr. Waterstradt: "So you don't think he had ears, but he had hair?"

Dr. Dedisco: "Probably."

Dr. Waterstradt: "Any distinguishing features?"

Dr. Dedisco: "He had a shirt on."

Dr. Waterstradt: "Did he have anything else on?"

Dr. Dedisco: "I'm pretty sure he had shoes on."

Dr. Waterstradt: "If SCP-1026-J was in a group of people, how would I find him?"

Dr. Dedisco: "Call his name?"

Dr. Waterstradt: "We've already established that that is not a viable option. Please, do you remember anything specific about what he looked like? Hair color, skin tone, anything."

Dr. Dedisco: "I think something was yellow. And his hair was maybe brown or something?"

Dr. Waterstradt: "And his skin tone?"

Dr. Dedisco: "It was a color…"

Addendum 3:

Incident Log 1026-J-01:

Several days after site evacuation due to a large scale containment breach, Junior Researcher Haley rediscovered SCP-1026-J after hearing loud calls of distress emanating from SCP-1026-J's holding cell. A remote audio feed recorded the following conversation:

Researcher Haley: Wait, guys, we have an SCP-1026-J?

Dr. Francis: Oh yeah, he's the-

SCP-1026-J: You forgot to feed me for FIVE DAYS! If you can't be bothered to remember my name, you could at least remember that I fucking EXIST!

Dr. Francis: Sorry Ralph, there was an emer-

The rest of the audio feed was comprised of indecipherable screaming.

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