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Item #: SCP-1026

Object Class: Safe Euclid (see Addendum #1026-1)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1026 is contained within a 8 m x 8 m unfurnished room. Personnel are advised not to enter SCP-1026's containment cell without supervision from an external observer. SCP-1026 is contained within a reinforced cell in Sector ██. Under no circumstances are any personnel to enter the containment area; all observation will be done remotely through security cameras with a broadcast delay of no less than 13.6 seconds. No care is necessary; SCP-1026 has no apparent need for food, water, or sleep.

Description: SCP-1026 is an entity that produces a powerful mental effect on any human observer who views it directly. This effect causes observers to become completely convinced that SCP-1026 is someone who they know and trust, typically a family member or close friend. There is currently no known way to convince the observer otherwise; this effect will continue for approximately one (1) hour after they are removed from SCP-1026's presence (subjects that lack any close relationships, such as sociopaths, appear to be unable to see SCP-1026 and refuse to acknowledge its existence). This effect is present even when viewed indirectly, such as through camera feeds, although this effect can be mitigated by the presence of a long enough broadcast delay. Testing has revealed that a minimum of 13.6 seconds is required to neutralize SCP-1026's effect; when viewed in such a manner, or through other media such as photographs, SCP-1026 appears as a blurry, roughly humanoid entity. It appears to "flicker", rapidly changing height, shape, and color. SCP-1026 seems to be capable of speech; however, this speech sounds extremely garbled and distorted to those not under its anomalous effects. Those who are under its effects perceive it as perfectly normal human speech appropriate for the given situation. SCP-1026 has also displayed reasoning and problem-solving abilities on par with those of a human, as well as a fairly docile temperament (see Addendum #1026-1).

Addendum #1026-1:
The following log is an account of a test to determine the exact nature of SCP-1026's abilities, performed just prior to Incident 1026-1. On ██/██/██ D-5582 was told to enter the testing area and perform a series of experiments to gather information about SCP-1026's physiology. Dr. █████ oversaw the test and communicated with D-5582 through a speaker.

Addendum #1026-2:
On ██/██/██, SCP-1026-B was located two miles from Sector ██, where SCP-1026-A is currently being held (how it managed to cover the distance between the original facility and Sector ██ is currently unknown). A security team was dispatched to contain it. [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the accidental neutralization of SCP-1026-B. Dr. █████ performed an autopsy of the entity on ██/██/██ (see Document 1026-B).

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