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Item #: SCP-1021

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No special containment procedures needed at this time. All instances of SCP-1021 are currently in use in various sites and facilities. For complete list, see addendum.

Description: SCP-1021 is a set of 7 EXIT signs designed in Art Moderne dating back to the 1940's. The anomalous effect of SCP-1021 will only manifest if it is placed directly over a door made of solid wood; type and design may vary, but the door must be solid with no trappings (ex. windows). Any person opening a door with SCP-1021 over it will find themselves exiting out of a corresponding exit of the ███████ Cinema in █████, MI. Each sign of SCP-1021 belongs to a specific door in the cinema, with the main entrance being the only door without a connection.

SCP-1021 was discovered when a self-described architecture buff visited the ███████ Cinema before its demolition in order to study its design, and found a souvenir. According to the witness, the only thing left was a box of exit signs by the main entrance labeled "dump". Enamored by their old-style design, he claimed to liberate one for his own use at home, adorning his bathroom door as a joke. Upon entering his bathroom, he found himself behind the ███████ Cinema exiting from the delivery entrance. The subsequent internet postings were found by Foundation computer search algorithms, and an agent was dispatched to investigate. Upon learning the story and viewing its anomalous properties himself, the agent called for backup to the cinema; it was then purchased by the Foundation through the Scenic Cultural Places Association, an organization dedicated to buying and restoring old and unusual buildings. After administering a Class-B amnestic to the witness, all the exit signs were taken and, through study, were found to correspond to a door within the ███████ Cinema. The cinema itself has no history of unusual occurrences, though a small security detail are to remain for 1 month and secure the building.

Due to its Safe-class nature and usefulness, all instances of SCP-1021 have been set up in various Foundation sites to act as an emergency exit, and the ███████ Cinema has been renovated to act as an evacuation command area where Foundation staff may seek refuge. The evacuation points in all sites must be kept in a clear area guarded by level 3 security staff, in order to prevent its misuse as a method of smuggling SCPs out of their home sites.

Addendum: List of SCP-1021 assigned locations and corresponding door.

1021-1 Site 19 Exterior exit of theater 2
1021-2 Site 4 Exterior exit of theater 3
1021-3 Site 11 Exterior exit of theater 1
1021-4 SCPS Guardian Delivery Entrance
1021-5 SCPS Defender Lobby emergency exit
1021-6 Dr. Bright's closet Unassigned, requests made through Dr. Khouri Alley way employee entrance
1021-7 Access Denied Access Denied
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