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Only known image of SCP-1020-J prior to its confiscation by the Foundation.

Item #: SCP-1020-J

Object Class: Fœtor; Neutralized

Containment & Neutralization Summary: Formerly non-anomalous contraband held by Junior Researcher Alleyn, who has been sacked, SCP-1020-J's furry, slimy, yet simultaneously scaly and powdery form came into existence subsequently to Site-77's controlled evacuation and lockdown1. The contents of SCP-1020-J prior to this are unknown, and attempts to take samples resulted in the equipment becoming disgusting beyond usability before any readings could be made.

Inside of SCP-1020-J is a self-sustaining boutique blend of garbage, visually comparable to a protoplasmic cube composed of and containing the rotting curdling, self-bleach-proofed dregs, of what once may have been edible foodstuffs.

The stink wave unleashed by opening its door can be detected from inside a ground-level enclosed structure by sniffer dogs from a distance of 2.5 kilometers. Survivors of direct exposure have not been able to compare it to other odors due to the obliteration of their olfactory nerves.


1020-J Cleaning Attempt 111-331

Subject: D-0918

Materials: Chlorine-based cleaning chemicals, scrubbing and cleaning equipment, garbage bags, PPE

Results: During and after fifteen minutes of testing, D-0918 reported burning pain in their nose, throat, chest, ears, mouth, eyes, and skin2. Following testing, their olfactory nerves were found to have been damaged, and all of their teeth became brittle after exposure to gaseous expulsions from within SCP-1020-J. Employment terminated upon request.

Post-Test Cleanliness: Nasty on an atomic level.

1020-J Cleaning Attempt 111-331

Subject: D-0718

Materials: Anomalous cleansing materials derived from SCP-1837's acidic compounds and by-products.

Results: No change in composition, other than the drippings coming out of SCP-1022-J and pooling in the floor and hallway outside became significantly more acidic.

Post-Test Cleanliness: Sea Of Disgust & Despair

1020-J Cleaning Attempt 111-331

Subject: D-0412

Materials: Unequipped and unauthorized test undertaken during a regularly scheduled break period.


Post-Test Cleanliness: Spotless.

Notice on Directive Order 167-20

The case file and status of D-0412 has been slated for review. I haven't decided whether I think she needs to be boxed up, or if she deserves a star pinned to her chest. - Director Gillespie

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