Item #: SCP-102-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-102-KO cannot be reliably contained due to its anomalous properties such as the duration after the occurrence of the phenomenon; when the phenomenon is reported to have occurred, undercover personnel on standby on the Oceanian island where the phenomenon occurs are to be notified, and traffic, including ships and aircraft, is to be prohibited within 3 km of the island where the bridge manifested. In addition, traffic on the island where the phenomenon occurred is to be regulated, and images of SCP-102-KO-A and SCP-102-KO-B captured by artificial satellites are to be immediately located and disseminated. Access to the bridge is only permitted to D-Class personnel during experimentation.

Description: SCP-102-KO is a phenomenon that occurs on islands located around Oceania. The event occurs randomly in cycles of approximately 4-6 months. In the event of a phenomenon, a beach and an island (SCP-102-KO-A) based on the island's coast materialize, along with a 500-meter wooden bridge (SCP-102-KO-B), connecting the island to the original island. Access to SCP-102-KO-A is only feasible by crossing SCP-102-KO-B, but attempts to enter SCP-102-KO-A via ship or aircraft have failed, and personnel attempting to approach the island stated they were unable to pass due to the 'veil' that exists around the island. The phenomenon ends approximately 10 to 12 hours after it occurs. Historical records confirm that SCP-102-KO first occurred in 1991.

SCP-102-KO-B appears to be fairly old and fragile. When the phenomenon ends and recurs, the damaged sections appear restored, but the original state remains unchanged. Noteworthy is the anomalous nature of the bridge. When one crosses the bridge to the island, the desire to give form to one's desires is tempted. This compulsion, however, may be resisted, and one can leave the bridge at any time. However, once crossed all of the bridges and arrived at SCP-102-KO-A, they will not be able to return via the bridge again and will be unable to leave the island in any way. This is presumably due to the 'veil' that exists around the island. The inside of the veil can be observed from the outside.

Upon arrival at SCP-102-KO-A, the urge will dissipate. One's desires appear to materialize inside the island, and if one desires more money, for example, a large quantity of money appears to materialize on the island. If one desires abstract concepts such as popularity, they will experience extreme hallucinations where the five senses are dominated the moment one enters the island, and the hallucinations occur in accordance with the desires. However, if they attempt to break out of this condition, they can, and hallucinations no longer manifest. SCP-102-KO-A is outfitted with seven huts, each of which is equipped with the fundamental basic living necessities. At the time of initial discovery, traces of someone living inside the cabin were discovered.

When the phenomenon ends, the bridge and the island gradually disappear. It is not clear what happens to the persons trapped inside the island at this time, but it was confirmed that they subsequently disappeared along with the island when observed from the outside. Thereafter, when the phenomenon reoccurred, the trapped persons were not found.

The phenomenon came to the Foundation's attention following the disappearance of 50 tourists on ███ Island in May ██, 1995, at the time of initial discovery. The remaining tourists stated that the persons crossing the bridge appeared to be 'drawn' by something and that the island and bridge had disappeared after a few hours. The tourists were all amnesticized, and the incident was presented as an unforeseen tsunami. The phenomenon has since been designated SCP-102-KO.

Additional Information

In 200█, a tunnel leading underground was discovered inside the sixth hut of SCP-102-KO-A. When a search was conducted using a D-Class with corporeal desires, an old man was in a room at the end of the tunnel. He spoke English and claimed to be the island's caretaker. (Hereafter referred to as SCP-102-KO-C) Attached below is a transcript of the interview between D-25123 and SCP-102-KO-C.

D-25123: Who are you?

SCP-102-KO-C: The man in charge of this island.

D-25123: Umm.. do you happen to know anything about the huts on this island?

SCP-102-KO-C: That's where you live. A place for you to live.

D-25123: But I don't think there were people there..

SCP-102-KO-C: I suppose so, but it will be your residence from now on.

D-25123: What do you mean?

(SCP-102-KO-C pauses)

D-25123: What happened to the people who vanished from the island?

SCP-102-KO-C: A dream came true. Properly.

D-25123: So what exactly happened?

SCP-102-KO-C: They're still on this island for now. They all achieved what they wanted. And I see them.

D-25123: So why can't we see them?

SCP-102-KO-C: You'll find out soon, my friend. Now that you've achieved your dream.

D-25123: Yes? No.. I really need to know.. That- uh.. this.. this..

SCP-102-KO-C: Welcome.

Following this interview, D-25123 followed SCP-102-KO-C down a back corridor, and communication was lost. Thereafter, when the phenomenon ceased and reoccurred, the hut in the tunnel disappeared, and a note was left in its place.

They found a purpose.

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