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Front of SCP-1019-A

Item #: SCP-1019

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-1019 is transient in nature, current containment procedures are geared towards minimizing public knowledge of SCP-1019. When a phenomenon is recognized as an instance of SCP-1019, a decision should be made by a Level 3 or greater researcher on whether to document it immediately, or let it expire naturally, based on possibility of exposure to the public. Heuristic word processing algorithms are to be used on all SCP Foundation files for the possibility of documenting an instance of SCP-1019 before being uploaded to the main database, to avoid an unintentional disabling of the current instance.

An investigation to discover the identity of the entity or entities known as "WAW" is presently underway.

Description: SCP-1019 is the designation given to a series of 20 73 more than 100 loosely related phenomena documented by the SCP Foundation since December 13, 2007. Instances of SCP-1019 have only six documented similarities, and have varied widely in every other respect.

1: Instances of SCP-1019 are localized to either one object or an area of no greater than 20 square meters.
2: Instances of SCP-1019 are not directly harmful to human life.
3: Instances of SCP-1019 are accompanied by an odor of lavender, tea tree oil, Irish Spring soap, or lime.
4: Instances of SCP-1019 are accompanied by a sensation of tingling in the fingertips of the left hand.
5: Instances of SCP-1019 cease being anomalous or completely disappear 90 days after their inception or at the time of their documentation in official SCP Foundation files, whichever happens first.
6: Instances of SCP-1019, upon ceasing to function, manifest within the area of effect a slip of paper 3x3 centimeters, displaying on one side a white sigil associated with Modern Chaos Magic1 on a black background with the letters WAW in the center. The reverse side always contains a message in black text on a white background. These slips of paper are not otherwise anomalous, and have been designated SCP-1019-A.

It is important to note that phenomena that fit these conditions are not SCPs in their own right; rather, they are instances of SCP-1019, apparently created by an unknown entity, suspected to be a talented anartist.2

Partial list of past instances of SCP-1019:

SCP-1019 instance Description SCP-1019-A message
SCP-1019-1 (Formerly SCP-███) A small patch of grass outside Bend, Oregon which continuously wove itself into a fractal pattern. Documented December 13, 2007. None3
SCP-1019-12 (Formerly SCP-████) A billboard in Taipei, Taiwan which appeared to be in the native language of any viewer. Documented January 12, 2008. "Targeted advertising is like hunting birds with lawn darts."
SCP-1019-20 An Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea can which, when kicked, acted as though the local gravity were 0.15G. Connection discovered between SCP-1019 occurrences by Foundation researchers, all SCPs that fit the conditions re-filed as instances of SCP-1019. Not documented, ceased functioning April 11, 2008. "Childhood would be more fun if our imagination matched reality."
SCP-1019-34 A radio broadcast available only in room 214 of Site 19 at 103.5 FM playing a constant loop of "I Am a Scientist" by the Dandy Warhols. Discovered October 27, 2008. Not documented, expired January 25, 2009. 90 day interval confirmed. "This should be your theme song. Seriously."
SCP-1019-50 All paper products in, or brought into, the kitchen of Mrs. Amy █████████ of Colorado Springs, Colorado instantly shredded themselves into a number of pieces equal to a prime number of three digits or more. Discovered August 5, 2009, not documented, allowed to run its course. Amnestics aministered to owner of home. "Art does not have to be creation alone."
SCP-1019-62 Bathroom mirrors in New York subway station reversed their images along the vertical axis. Documented January 1, 2010, to avoid media attention. "Everyone should take a moment to really look at themselves occasionally."
SCP-1019-112 The men's room of a Starbucks in Waukegan, Illinois, caused anyone currently inside of it to forget the existence of religion, stick shift cars, Waffle House, and chihuahuas until exiting the area of effect. Documented September 18, 2012. "If only everywhere could be this nice!"
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