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Item #: SCP-1000-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A four (4) kilometer perimeter is to be set around SCP-1000-J's town limits. Entry into SCP-1000-J is only to be allowed to personnel with a security clearance level of two (2) or higher.

All personnel entering SCP-1000-J are to bring with them one square piece of wood measuring ten (10) cm x ten (10) cm x two (2) cm. Personnel encountering SCP-1000-J's effects are to lightly tap their knuckles on their issued planks. Under no circumstances are any mirrors, umbrellas, ladders, felines that could be considered of dark hue, video games, or containers of salt to be taken into SCP-1000-J. Any personnel with a still-living biological mother are to be warned to avoid damaged cement.

Any area within a five kilometer radius of SCP-1000-J is to be evacuated on any date that lies on the thirteenth of a month and a Friday. Any clovers with four-leaves sighted within SCP-1000-J are to be reported to Dr. ███████. Several preserved limbs of Oryctolagus cuniculus are to be kept for handling in emergency situations.

Upon the birthday of any personnel on-site, [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-1000-J is a small town in Missouri, apparently called ██████████. The town appears to have been abandoned circa 1975, possibly due to its anomalous effects. SCP-1000-J manifests several effects within its town limits.

SCP-1000-J causes an apparent increase of probability towards misfortune if the following actions are performed:

  • Any umbrella, parasol, or similar device is opened in what can be considered to be an indoor area (this does not include structures that are missing more than 50% of their roofing)
  • Any object with the specific purpose of reflection is broken
  • Any person walks, crawls, limps, or otherwise moves themselves underneath and past any metal, wood, or fiberglass rigid ladder or rope ladder
  • Any member of the family Felidae with a black or otherwise dark fur patterning passes by a person by its own means
  • Any hat, bandana, visor, or other form of headgear is placed on a bed, hammock, or futon
  • Exiting a bed, hammock, or futon from the opposite side of entry
  • The name ███████ is spoken in SCP-1000-J's theater

SCP-1000-J causes permanent damage to either or both eyes, or unexplained permanent blindness if the following actions are performed:

  • Any air based or BB firearm is used
  • Any television set is watched for longer than three hours
  • Any stick is used for recreational activity

SCP-1000-J also causes a number of other effects:

  • Self-gratification causes the growth of an abundant amount of hair on the palms of the subject (regardless of whether or not they used hands).
  • Urination in a body of water causes a large amount of dark liquid to be released around the subject.
  • Making an odd face and keeping it in that position for longer than approximately 10 minutes causes the subject to have their face stuck in that position. Removal of the subject from SCP-1000-J's limits reverses the effect.
  • The viewing of any electronic screen closer than 0.35 meters for approximately 5 minutes will cause the subject's eyes to dislodge themselves from the subject's eye sockets. Removal from SCP-1000-J's limits does not reverse the effect.
  • The playing of a video or computer game causes the immediate decomposition of brain matter. Removal from SCP-1000-J's limits does not reverse the effect.
  • Participating in any swimming following the ingestion of food before a thirty minute wait period is over causes the drowning of the subject involved, regardless of assistance by others present or shallowness of the water.
  • Stepping on a crack measuring more than 2 cm in width in a sidewalk or street within SCP-1000-J causes [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • All food stuffs dropped from a plate or table onto the floor remain sterile for the first five seconds following contact with the ground. (See SCP-7800-J for more information on similar phenomenon.)

Addendum 1000-J-A:

Upon further investigation of SCP-1000-J a corpse was found in a local diner, slumped over a dining table. Upon the table lay an overturned salt shaker. The corpse had slashes to the carotid arteries. The body was later found to be completely exsanguinated. Only approximately ███ ml of blood was found nearby, only accounting for ██% of the missing blood.

Researchers, based on the context of the other abnormalities, hypothesized that the overturned salt shaker was related to the cause of death. Experimentation was approved by O5-██ on ██/██/20██.

The salt shaker and the salt contained within it were examined and found to be mundane.

Experiment Log 1000-J:

Experiment 1000-J-1

Subject: D-49812
Date: ██/██/20██
Method: Subject is instructed to take a seat in the diner, wait until ordered, and knock over the salt shaker.
Results: Within 2 seconds of salt being spilled an entity (hereafter referred to as SCP-1000-J-1) resembling a [DATA EXPUNGED], appeared behind the subject and [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in ██ casualties of security personnel.

Note: Testing area is to be evacuated before and during any further testing.

Experiment 1000-J-2

Subject: D-53157
Date: ██/██/20██
Method: Subject is instructed to take a seat in the diner, wait until ordered, knock over the salt shaker, and immediately throw salt over his left shoulder.
Results: At first personnel believed that the test had gone according to Dr. ██████'s predictions, with no appearance of 1000-J-1. Upon review of high speed cameras installed in the diner, 1000-J-1 was seen to [DATA EXPUNGED] for approximately ██ milliseconds before being struck by the salt in the area assumed to be the face, vanishing.

Note: In light of Experiment 1000-J-2, all security teams are to be equipped with at least one shotgun loaded with 1 (one) rock salt round. Rounds are to be signed in and out from the security station located at [DATA REDACTED]. Failure to return a round to its holding area will result in re-assignment to Keter-duty and/or demotion to D-class.

Experiment 1000-J-3

Subject: D-54813
Date: ██/██/20██
Method: Same as Experiment 1000-J-2, but subject is given a different salt shaker.
Results: Same as Experiment 1000-J-2.

Note: During the brief periods of time in which the previous experiments took place Dr. Clef was noted to be absent from Site-██.

Addendum 1000-J-B:

Incident 1000-J-1

SCP Involved: SCP-1000-J

Personnel Involved: Agent F██████

Date: ██/██/████

Location: SCP-1000-J


During routine examination of SCP-1000-J, Agent F██████ accidentally ingested the gum he had been chewing. Several hours later, Agent F██████ began complaining of severe intestinal pain. Examination by medical staff present revealed a blockage in Agent F██████'s small intestine.

Agent F██████'s intestine were then surgically opened. Medical personnel discovered the wad of gum Agent F██████ had been chewing earlier lodged in his duodenum. Although the gum would normally have been processed, examination of the progress made by Agent F██████'s digestive system showed that the breaking down of the wad of gum into portions small enough to travel through the digestive system would have taken an estimated seven years.

Agent F██████ made a full recovery from the operation.

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