Item #: SCP-100-IT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: At the current state of knowledge, physical containment of SCP-100-IT is deemed to be unachievable. Despite the characteristics of the anomaly actually helping to conceal its activities from civilian personnel, they also make it capable of evading any attempt at interference or capture by the Foundation. Development of a strategy for definitive containment is still ongoing, therefore operations must necessarily be limited to monitoring and cover-up procedures.

SIR-I ("Aureæ Notitiæ") is charged with the surveillance of locus-100 in the event of SCP-100-IT's activity. To facilitate operations, the area was divided into six sectors; the undercover field agents will coordinate with a command post assigned for each sector. Any sighting of SCP-100-IT is to be reported, and other operatives in the proximity are to converge in place to carry out a containment attempt. The conclusion of operations is dependent on certainty that SCP-100-IT has fulfilled its standard purpose, otherwise any deployment has to proceed until the end of the current activity event.

Given the potential media relevance of SCP-100-IT-related events, preventing any leak or civilian investigation on the matter is of foremost priority. Any evidence of the crimes must be concealed (with the use of amnestics as a last resort) by the surveillance agents themselves or by the members of SIR-II infiltrated into the local police; the latter are tasked with informing the relatives and/or close ones of the victims, providing them with a plausible and definitive cover-up of the events.


Photography of SCP-100-IT-C (on the left), behind a tourist, 1982.

Description: SCP-100-IT is the collective designation of a group of four humanoid entities (SCP-100-IT-A, B, C and D) whose presence has been documented exclusively within the limits of locus-100, which is a provisional denomination assigned to Old Town Venice (approximately 7.9 km2, excluding the waters) during the eleven canonical days of the Carnival1.

The humanoids do not exhibit any evident anomalous trait, and can be seen wandering (alone or in groups) around the city's streets, though it has never been possible to locate their source of provenance; moreover, there were many instances of consecutive sightings in areas very distant from each other, suggesting abnormal displacement abilities. Each entity plays a role derived from the Carnival tradition: their disguises — which include masks, gloves, and headdresses — manage to show no bare skin, with the prevalence of black colour as a shared feature.

  • SCP-100-IT-A is a tall and slender male, who plays the role of a dominoSCP-000-IT-A.jpg2, easily recognizable by a walking stick with a golden knob, depicting the winged lion of Saint Mark. SCP-100-IT-A shows a proud and formal demeanor, frequently and exaggeratedly bowing to the people he comes across.
  • SCP-100-IT-B is an individual (presumably male) who plays the role of a gnagaSCP-000-IT-B.jpg3 and wears, along with the mask, a curly wig and a large black robe decorated with dark red floral patterns. SCP-100-IT-B shows a mischievous and irreverent attitude, enjoying startling passers-by from behind with extremely realistic meowing.
  • SCP-100-IT-C is dressed like a Venetian noblewoman and wears a white mask decorated with golden swirls, a long black dress, and a wide-brimmed hat, adorned with feathers and precious gems of various shapes and colors. SCP-100-IT-C is the only entity to avoid interactions, merely observing people from a distance in a contemplative attitude.
  • SCP-100-IT-D is a male of short stature, dressed as a typical Venetian jester (mattaccinoSCP-000-IT-D.jpg), as suggested by the mask with the hooked nose, the tights (colored black and white) and the cap with bells. SCP-100-IT-D is cheerful and extroverted, resorting to dance and acrobatics to draw attention to himself, and often attempting to involve others in its performances.

In the first stage, which appears to last for an unpredictable number of days, the entities will simply restrict themselves to the aforementioned behaviors; eventually, however, a distinctive event is bound to take place, each year repeated following a consistent pattern: SCP-100-IT will approach an individual, then proceed to encircle, restrain, and forcibly drag them out of sight; the choice is assumed to be random. Following this event, all traces of both SCP-100-IT (which will not manifest until the following Carnival) and the victim will be lost — what happens to the latter after the kidnapping is still to be determined, as bodies nor other significant clues have ever been found — please refer to the attached addenda for further information.

What apparently makes containment unworkable is the fact that SCP-100-IT seem to possess mild mind-altering and probability-bending abilities. As confirmed by later interrogations, no witness appear to take notice of the kidnapping in progress, while those who are already aware of the anomalous nature of SCP-100-IT do; furthermore, the circumstances of the encounters seem to vary in the right measure to make every attempt to approach the entities fail, such as manifesting themselves at a distance that allows them to disappear before being reached, or the recurring presence of obstacles (vehicles, people etc.) to block the path, or the view of the agents. This suggests SCP-100-IT is aware of being targeted and can influence the probabilistic field of the surrounding environment to avoid capture.

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