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An instance of SCP-095-J, during a containment breach in Site 19.

Item #: SCP-095-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation material found to be corrupted with SCP-095-J is to be delivered by blindfolded agents of Mobile Task Force Rho-15 ("Accidents Grotesque") to Lab 44 for automatic OCR transcription and incineration. A sample of the complete character set of SCP-095-J is to be kept on file on a solid-state hard drive in a Faraday-cage-shielded bunker located 50m beneath Site ██, located in R██████, Washington. No access is to be allowed to SCP-095-J without permission of two Level Three Foundation graphic designers.

Description: SCP-095-J is a typeface, initially developed by the █████████ Corporation. SCP-095-J has a memetic effect on most viewers, causing irritation, increased blood pressure and, in severe cases, depression, anxiety, and massive [DATA EXPUNGED], leading to ██ civilian deaths. Between █ and ██ percent of SCP-095-J viewers, however, will become "carriers" of SCP-095-J, known as SCP-095-J-1, using the typeface in all digital and printed communications, no matter the intended tone. (See Archive 095-J-4 for instances of wills, suicide notes and two declarations of war set in SCP-095-J.)

Evidence of an SCP-095-J containment breach event starts with innocuous usages of the typeface in appropriate locations for its handwritten style, such as party invitations, children's advertising and illustration lettering.

Instances of SCP-095-J-1, in severe cases, have been known to grow unable to perceive text not set in SCP-095-J. Potential for a CK-class restructuring scenario in the event of a containment breach is currently being considered by research staff; upgrade to Keter pending.

Addendum: I don't get it, you guys. It's just a font. - Dr. ███████

Requesting authorization for immediate termination of Dr. ███████. - Director ████████

Granted. - O5-█

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