SCP-093 'Red' Test
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SCP-093 Mirror Test 5: Color (Red)

SCP-093 distributed amongst staff until a new color could be generated by contact with it. Service Technician ██████ was able to cause SCP-093 to take on a fierce red hue and glow, much brighter than the object's normal color. ██████ agreed to assist with a test of SCP-093. Per Dr. █████'s request, ███-███ given to Technician ██████ for use in this test. When applied to the mirror for the test, SCP-093 generates an unknown environment. No color tinge appears present on the displayed destination, which is composed of red stonework. Technician ██████ enters the mirror and video capture begins.

Video flickers to life and Technician ██████, known hereafter as Subject, is viewing a large cylindrical pillar that is rotating on its own. Object is of unknown height and appears to be 1.8 m (6 ft) in width. Holes are distributed throughout the object at seemingly random intervals. On occasion a beam of white light is emitted from these holes. Turning of the camera finds that the beams are connected to a multitude of objects similar to SCP-093 that are part of the room's wall. The room turns out to also be cylindrical in shape with countless copies of SCP-093.

Subject turns back to entry point and finds it is a section of the wall that is missing its copy of SCP-093, presumably the one carried with Subject. Other sections of the wall on inspection are also found to be missing their copies, leading to speculation that this may be some sort of central array. Subject finds a ladder in the floor while examining the room and proceeds down it at Control's request.

The ladder exits into a large clean room full of computer equipment that appears antiquated compared to previously encountered equipment. Large computers running on reel-to-reels are clicking and spinning at various locations, a light bulb of unknown meaning turns on for ten seconds then turns off. A large CRT monitor is displaying single words in 8 colors at roughly 5 second intervals. While observed the words 'Clean' 'Unclean' 'Clean' 'Clean' 'Lost' 'Unclean' flash on the screen.

Proceeding through the room it ends in a large glass window as another observation deck. This deck looks out over another series of tubes as witnessed before but far fewer and filled with a blue liquid. What appears to be electrical current dances over many of the tubes at erratic intervals. At least five tubes at first glance are empty and broken. At the observation window a keyboard is present on a pedestal awaiting a selection to be made. The options available on the screen are 'Tube Status' which waits for a numerical input, 'Reports', 'Situation X-549', 'Situation X-550', 'Evacuation Log', 'Bullshit', 'Agent █-██-█ Report', and 'Facility Fire Plan'. <Video Expunged: All selections that generated text were transcribed by Subject and verified by a Control member who passed through the portal to recover them. This process took approximately two hours and video feed was deleted to condense this report. Recorded Documents are filed as ██████-████-██> Video Interrupted.

Control lost contact with Subject approximately 30 minutes after departure of Control tech. Subject was asked to remain in area and observe the machinery and the containment room to make observations for debriefing. The SCP-093 mirror portal returned to a reflective surface prematurely and all video contact with Subject was lost. Control was unable to re-establish due to SCP-093 being across the mirror. A time lapse of one minute and forty-eight seconds (1:48) was recorded before mirror portal re-established itself and Subject returned through portal. Subject appeared to be in good health and condition despite the time loss but spoke little.

During immediate debriefing Subject underwent sudden convulsions and medical staff was alerted. While attempting to subdue Subject he displayed enhanced strength and used ███-███ to shoot one of the debriefing staff, killing them. Guards shot Subject once with a sidearm in the heart and once in the chest but Subject did not fall. All staff evacuated room and a second shot was fired by Subject which missed. A more heavily armed team entered debriefing room and used automatic weapons to dispatch Subject. Reports confirm that Subject did not bleed when shot but instead leaked a green/brown substance that seemed to be a mix of solution observed in some containment tubes and the material recovered during Test 3.

All further SCP-093 tests have been discontinued while review of materials recovered is in effect. A secondary tape recording device was found to have activated in the field kit after loss of video feed and its contents have been filed with other recovered materials.

All recovered materials from SCP-093 testing are Level 4 Classification. Release must be approved by no fewer than two Level 4 personnel.


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