SCP-093-J Purple Test
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After the Green Test led to the loss of an expensive, state-of-the-art video camera harness, as well as a skilled researcher, it was determined that further exploration of the reality accessible via SCP-093 would require significant cunning and technique. Therefore, a detachment of MTF Omega-7-J ("Idiot's Box") was assigned to discover further information.

Due to its undying hatred for humanity, SCP-████████ ("Large Blob of Unspeakable Horror) was able to make SCP-093 turn purple; objectively proven by Foundation testing to be the worst color.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Goodman: Sweet. We finally have the big guns.

Dr. Calvin: I'll take care of roll call. Large Blob of Unspeakable Horror?

L.B.o.U.H: Present.

Dr. Calvin: The cat who we shoved into a Scranton Reality Anchor and came out with superpowers?

Cat: <Purrs as it cleans itself with its own tongue.>

Dr. Calvin: Suspicious Bob?

Suspicious Bob: <Seems surprised, hides unknown object in his coat pocket.> Wha-? Yep. That's me.

Dr. Calvin: Touch the disc to the mirror.

L.B.o.U.H: No.

Dr. Calvin: Listen, L.B.o.U.H. If you do this, we'll let you see your son again.

L.B.o.U.H: …fine.

<L.B.o.U.H. touches SCP-093 to the mirror, and MTF Omega-7-J moves through the mirror. Rather than the previous sprawling farm areas encountered before, they emerge in a sprawling urban area. Infrastructure has been destroyed; roads are crumbling, buildings are missing large chunks, and the sky is filled with smog. As before, no trace of humanity is present anywhere.>

L.B.o.U.H: Hey! There's no humanity to subjugate here?

Suspicious Bob: Look at that billboard over there!

<On one of the standing buildings, there is a billboard whose contents have been eroded by the passage of time. The text is illegible except for a portion that reads "…TRUST IN KIM..">

Dr. Calvin: Hey, it's that "Kim" character again.

Dr. Goodman: The one that Dr. Feldman was ranting about before she died?

Suspicious Bob: There's more! The cat found something!

<The cat's body camera shows it pawing at the door of a building labeled "Flesh Preservation Center." Ω-7-J enters the building to find several tubes filled with fluid and human skeletons. There is still some flesh clinging to these skeletons.>

Dr. Goodman: Wow, this place sucked at flesh preservation.

<L.B.o.U.H. finds a journal on one of the desks. He opens it, and everyone stares at him as he tries to read it.>

L.B.o.U.H: Okay. <Clears throat.> Let's go. <Humming.> Is… is that a "b" or an "l"? Is this even English?

Dr. Calvin: I didn't know you were illiterate. <Reading.> "The experiments are not going as planned. Kim wants results; the Unclean can only roam the Earth for so long. Oh, curse me! Who could've thought that 5G would mutate—"

<The wall of the building is torn off by one of the massive creatures from before, assumed to be the "Unclean" mentioned in the document. Its roar shakes the foundation of the flesh preservation center.>

L.B.o.U.H: Hey, you're close enough to a human! Let's throw down!

Dr. Calvin: No! Don't punch it!

<The Large Blob of Undeniable Horror slimes up to the Unclean and punches it in the face, to no discernible effect. The Unclean slams its face down on the L.B.o.U.H, squishing it into the ground. It continues to slam its face into the ground, over and over, until the Blob is simply a pile of slime on the ground.>

Suspicious Bob: Oh no! Save me, cat!

<The cat purrs before transforming into another instance of the Unclean. Suspicious Bob screams before realizing that he is next to the emergency exit. He bursts through the door and runs out the alley. The former cat demolishes the Flesh Preservation center before chasing Suspicious Bob.>

Suspicious Bob: You see? I wasn't suspicious. The cat was!

Dr. Calvin: I can't believe it! The cat was a Chaos Insurgency plant all along!

Dr. Goodman: How do you know it was the Chaos Insurgency?

Dr. Calvin: Why do we keep falling for this? Why are their agents so cute?

<The former cat knocks Suspicious Bob into a car at high speed, activating the car alarm.>

Dr. Goodman: Wow, what a… cat-astrophe.

<The car, along with Bob, is crushed by the Unclean. The video feed cuts out shortly after.>

Dr. Goodman: Oh.

<SCP-093 is launched out of the mirror, bouncing around the room like a ping-pong ball before coming to a rest in front of the mirror.>

Dr. Calvin: Shit. There goes Omega-7-J. <Pause.> I'm not going in there. Who do we send in next?

Dr. Goodman: Do the Girl Scouts still deliver to Site-19?

<End Log>

The next test is the Red Test The next test is not the Red Test, since O5 command has officially revoked the 093 project's exploration license after an incident involving the local Girl Scout troop. Personnel are advised to consult the Recovered Documents Archive for further information.

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