SCP-093-J Blue Test
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Originally, researchers desired to use a D-class subject to test SCP-093. However, the Foundation was experiencing a D-class shortage due to the Louisiana state government legislating that it was no longer a capital offense to be poor. Dr. Goodman volunteered himself to explore SCP-093, being the one with the most experience in the dimension at the time. Dr. Goodman was an outspoken member of the Green Party; therefore, SCP-093 turned blue.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Goodman: Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

Dr. Feldmann: Mic's on, jackass. Jump through the portal already.

Dr. Goodman: It's not a portal, it's a mirror.

Dr. Feldmann: Is it a two-way gate between two places?

Dr. Goodman: Yeah?

Dr. Feldmann: Then it's a portal.

Dr. Calvin: We're wasting valuable seconds here. Just go through and see what's on the other side.

<Dr. Goodman sighs sarcastically. He steps through the mirror and arrives in the reality on the other side. The immediate area is a flat plain. It is evening, and mountains can be seen in the distance. The grass in the plain appears to be malnourished. No human structures or significant foliage can be seen in the view of the camera, save for a large amount of corn. There is no sign of humanity anywhere.>

Dr. Goodman: Hmm. The immediate area is a flat plain. It is evening, and mountains—

Dr. Feldmann: We have video, you don't need to say everything you see.

Dr. Goodman: Oh, thank God.

Dr. Calvin: I can see stars. Let me cross-reference this with our star charts.

<Dr. Goodman begins walking forwards, away from the origin point. The grass crunches under his feet, and wind blows through the corn-laden valley.>

Dr. Calvin: Dear God. According to the computer, the planet you're on is… Earth.

Dr. Feldmann: So this is some kind of alternate-reality Earth?

Dr. Calvin: Exactly.

Dr. Goodman: That explains all the corn.

<After 2 minutes of walking, Dr. Goodman encounters a large manmade hole. It is too dark to see the bottom of the hole.>

Dr. Calvin: We should see what's at the bottom of that hole. Just rappel down the side.

Dr. Goodman: …"rappel"? What am I, a video game character?


Dr. Goodman: It's only, like, ten feet. I'll just head back to base and get a ladder.

<Extraneous information expunged. Dr. Goodman returns to the base, takes a ladder, and brings it back to the hole. He then uses the ladder to descend into the hole.>

<At the bottom of the hole, there is a door leading to a concrete tunnel.>

Dr. Goodman: It smells here, man. Like something died.

Dr. Feldmann: Did you forget deodorant again?

Dr. Goodman: I think so.

Dr. Calvin: Wait a minute. Is it just me, or is there some kind of blue tinge on the camera footage?

Dr. Feldmann: I think you're colorblind, dude. You say that about everything.

Dr. Calvin: …yeah.

<At the end of the tunnel is another door. After opening the door, Dr. Goodman visibly recoils from the stench. The room contains a mattress soaked in an orange substance similar to oil. A hardened version of this substance coats the ceiling of the area. On the opposing wall there is a corkboard containing several newspaper clippings.>

Dr. Feldmann: What do those newspaper clippings say?

Dr. Goodman: I'm on it. The big one says… "[DATA EXPUNGED]"?

Dr. Feldmann: …"Data Expunged?" Did you just say that out loud?

Dr. Goodman: Yeah. It's just "[DATA EXPUNGED]" in big block lettering.

Dr. Calvin: That must be your Sensitive Data Expungement Chip, censoring important information.

Dr. Feldmann: The what now?

Dr. Calvin: Every new Foundation employee has a Sensitive Data Expungement Chip implanted in their brain after orientation, to prevent them from reading or writing classified documentation. You don't remember the surgery?

Dr. Feldmann: There was a surgery?

Dr. Goodman: This place smells. I'm going back.

<Dr. Goodman begins walking back down the tunnel, following the tether.>

Dr. Feldmann: You're telling me the Foundation put a chip in my head?

Dr. Calvin: Yes! In fact, we all have it. They didn't actually tell us about it until 2012. That's why everything before then looks like the site of a squid massacre; we couldn't tell we were expunging it.

Dr. Feldmann: You can't tell? So I could be writing a letter to my family and it just decides to randomly expunge something?

Dr. Calvin: That's a common occurrence, yes.

Dr. Feldmann: That… explains a lot, actually.

<Dr. Goodman has been radio silent for this entire time.>

Dr. Feldmann: Dr. Goodman? Are you there?

<A roaring noise is heard over the microphone.>

Dr. Goodman: Holy shit!

<A loud roar is heard in the distance. Dr. Goodman begins screaming. He takes out his illegally sawed-off MP5 and begins firing it in random directions.>

Dr. Calvin: Have you gone insane, Goodman?

Dr. Goodman: It's chasing me!

<Dr. Goodman briefly turns around. He is being pursued by a large humanoid entity that is crawling at an incredible speed towards him. Notable, the entity appeared to lack the lower half of its body, and only consists of a torso, arms, and head. Its face was completely smooth.>

<Dr. Goodman dives through the portal, and the mirror returns to its pre-portal state. After several minutes of hyperventilating, Dr. Goodman stands back up.>

Dr. Goodman: I'm not going back in there.

Dr. Calvin: I understand that. However, did you remember to retrieve the ladder?

Dr. Goodman: I was running for my life!

Dr. Calvin: You know we'll have to take that out of your paycheck, right?

<End Log>

The next test is the Green test

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